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What is a ‘perfect voice’?

I know some critics have said Paul Potts’ voice isn’t perfect, but I would submit to them the question of what is a perfect voice? From my perspective it would be one that would overwhelmingly affect raw emotion like Paul Potts’ voice does for many people (myself included). I have also read that some would like for him to be disqualified for the title that he won in ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. Disqualified or not, Pandora’s box has been opened and many people around the world are now aware of Paul Potts and his wonderful voice.

I feel the ones that want to criticize him so much should be grateful instead. Because of him and his bravery many young people have become aware of the dying art of opera. Many would have never attended an opera being performed at face value, most would have said, “Opera? Ewwww!” But now perhaps since being introduced many will want to check it out and even go to an opera house. As for perfect voice, I would consider Paul Potts’ voice to be. I for one hope he goes far because of it!

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theres no such thing. they’re good voices but ‘perfect’ is subjective. I like Kelly Clarkson’s voice