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what channel will broadcast live Live Earth Concert?

what channel will broadcast live Live Earth Concert?

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Chris K

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I love Live Earth! They’re one of the most greenest concerts in the world. I also love MSN. I’ll be at the New York one.

I found out. It’s from NBC (I love NBC!). NBC will broadcast it 8PM – 11PM EST.


Oh, you’re from Vietnam? I’m not sure if Vietnam has NBC access. Although since NBC, is a big company, it should be availiable.


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If you don’t have tickets to attend the Live Earth concert on one of the seven continents, be sure to tune in your TV or radio on the 7th as there are several places you can view or listen to it. MSNBC, Sundance Channel, CNBC, BRAVO, and satellite radio will have the broadcast running either all day or part of the day. For more info on the concerts and the stations broadcasting, check out Live Earth.