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How does a new girl at school fit in?

I recently moved from the Philippines to the US. I can’t speak English as fluently as the other citizens here in the States. I’m afraid that they’ll make fun of me because:

1. I may pronounce some words wrong

2. I look different than most people here.

I desperately need tips on fitting in at a new school. My old school was an All-Girls-School so I don’t have much experience with boys. I really want to make a good impression to the other students. Also, do you have any tips on finding your classroom? Your help will be really appreciated!

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Relax and just be yourself 🙂 School here isn’t at all how its portrayed on Television and Movies. People like meeting new people.. You will do fine!

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People tend to be very open to new students, and frankly welcome them… after all the newest thing always gets their attention. So all you have to do is relax and you’ll almost instantly make friends. Don’t worry about it!

Also, to answer your Q’s,

1. about 80% of what people speak is slang/mumbled/shortened English, so you’ll learn soon enough.

2. different isn’t always a bad thing, and sometimes it’s just what people want, something to break the habit of the “norm”

With boys, experience will come with age and just practice. If you’re under 14 or so, you’ll be just like everyone else there.

Classroom-finding tips:

-Ask a teacher or someone nearby your locker (preferrably alone or so… maybe even a boy!)

-It takes practice, so you should have the hang of it by the end of the first week

-The less you worry the easier it will be, just ask around or have a new friend help you, or ask for a map in the main office


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The most important thing is that you shouldn’t keep thinking about how you’re different form them. From what I read I think you’re pretty good at English. Moreover people don’t really care if you speak 100% correct english, you just need to try to be funny. Crack jokes and ppl will like you!

Also take initiative to talk to people. Say “hi”, ask ppl about where the classroom is, etc. then when they answer you just talk on, and ask them questions about themselves. Make you sure you smile and be humourous i.e. ready to laugh.

Just be confident, know that ppl there are kids like youself.


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Aww, you should have moved to my area. Tons of Filipinos here.

Anyhow, I’m sure the school will have someone take you on a tour of school.

And with my experience, there’s always someone who greets a new kid and helps them out, even if there is a language barrier.

Don’t act like you’re better than everyone else.

Don’t do anything stupid just to fit in.

EDIT: I don’t know what to do for the boy situation. I’ve been going to co-ed and I still can’t talk to boys. >_>;;