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math text-books used in Singapore?

I have a question for math text-books in Singapore.

I got these books from a Singapore web site and I want to know these books are used in common for junior college in Singapore:

1. Core Maths For GCE A Level

2. Further Pure Maths For GCE A Level

3. Math – The Core Course For GCE A Level

4. Maths – Mechanics And Probability For GCE A Level

5. Pure Maths For GCE A Level Book 1

6. Pure Maths For GCE A Level Book 2

7. GCE A Level Further Mathematics Past Years’ Exam Papers’ Questions And Solutions Manual

8. GCE A Level Mathematics Past Years’ Exam Papers’ Questions And Solutions Manual

If students use other books in common, please list them for me.

Thanks =)

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Hmm, in general for most colleges in Singapore, textbooks are not compulsory. We have lecture notes instead.

These books are for your own reference and as long as it has GCE A Level (and editions that aren’t too old), then it should be ok to use them.

You can try getting books from school bookshop itself and they will most likely recommend the most popular book among the student.


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In Singapore colleges, the universities undertake the maths curriculum written with the help of close by college profs or teachers who’ve earlier been college instructors and are nevertheless actively in examine appropriate to the way SIngaporean young ones study Maths and how they draw close the techniques. Singapore Math is going with the help of the easy-concrete-precis technique the place scholars first attempt to discover and touch to make certain approximately mathematical techniques which ultimately variety the easy commencing place to greater precis mathematical gaining wisdom of. Rote-gaining wisdom of and drill practice are seen area of the Singapore Math technique yet in truth, they don’t variety the middle or bulk. Singapore Math technique additionally focuses on heuristic fixing attitude and recent mathematical circumstances to stimulate scholars’ resourceful thinking.