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can you give some examples of idioms and sentences?

can you give some examples of idioms and sentences?

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Though he arrived at the eleventh hour, Superman saved the day.

idiom: eleventh hour – at the last minute

Mustardseed stayed up late and had to pay the piper the next morning.

idiom: pay the piper – suffer the consequences of their actions


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head honcho – Mr. Brown is the head honcho at the office.

bite off more than you can chew – Working two jobs is too hard, I’m afraid I bit off more than I can chew.

feel blue – My best friend moved away and I am feeling blue.

eager beaver – That new secretary is trying to do all the work, she is a real eager beaver.

beat around the bush – Just tell me the truth and stop beating around the bush about it.

easy as pie – That test was so simple, it was as easy as pie.

by the skin of ones teeth- I made a 70 on that last test, passed it by the skin of my teeth.

bottom line- The bottom line is I am tired and I am going to bed.