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Spell and grammar check my essay AND WIN TEN POINTS?

I strongly believe an eye for and eye until the world is blind. The Death Penalty is fair to those who have taken lives from innocent people and is the only fair punishment there is for homicide.

They law makes it perfectly clear when it states” if you commit a crime then you have chosen to forfeit your life by means of the death penalty.

The Reason I am an advocate of the death penalty is if I steal I can replace if I cause hurt I can pay medical bills but for death I cannot repay I cannot fix it and I have caused society such grief and harm that there is absolutely no other penalty other than death. I can guarantee no executed cereal killer will ever commit the crime once again. He who causes suffering shall suffer. There should be no escape. One ignorant one might suggest that” Killing the murder isn’t going to bring back the love one so just give them life in jail”. Often times. Those who commit murder sit in prison and watch television play cars and play basketball wit

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You have a number of spelling mistakes and a few mistakes in grammar. What is more important is that your essay is not fact based.

Take a look at http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/article.php?did=1917, a terrific website for students.


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yup pefect grammar. except at the begining when it says they law at the start