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I have a 48 star flag. Two of the stars are upside down. Anyone know why?

The flag is linen with cotton stars. The grommets are brass. It was made by Annin and Company. The stars that are upside down are the 36th and 37th stars. These represent the states of Nevada and Nebraska. Can anyone tell my why these two stars would be manufactured upside down?

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whatever you do, do not get rid of that flag, it might be worth some money.


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The 48 star flag was used from July 4, 1912, for the additions of New Mexico and Arizona. It was on June 24th of 1912 that President Taft passed an Executive Order establishing the exact proportions of the flag. This flag was official for 47 years – the longest in U.S. history.

Regarding the upside down stars, it could be because the stars were once sewn on by hand until the turn of the century when machines and industrial period of machines began. It could also be regarding the revolt of addition of New Mexico and Arizona as traditionally that was Mexico’s territory and the US was just finishing the Spanish-American war around the same time.


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I think those two stars are OHIO and FLORIDA.