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what do you think about CALL CENTRES in India?

PLease do not give sick answers.

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Actually, the majority of them that I have dealt with, are OK, except for the poor “accent neutralization”. Many of these people are highly educated folks, they just have trouble understanding Americans, and vice versa.

I think if they spent more time trying to work on the accent neutralization, they would be OK, they usually are helpful.

Just hard to understand.

And when we KNOW that the call is going to India, they need to stop answering as “Hello, this is Brad, or Cheryl”

We know your name is more like Mujibur…so don’t insult our intelligence by trying to “fool” us with your “American” name…

I worked in an American call center where they constantly compared the Indian call center they USED to have in Bangalore. They complained about the poor English, and thick accents. But some of the American call center employees I worked with were WORSE. Truly. And they WERE Americans…

If it is a call center that is providing customer or technical support, I expect them to be able to provide that, and so I can understand them. I don’t care if it is in India, or Indiana.

If they are telemarketers….I could care less where they are from, I hang up on them.


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I understand it from a business and financial point of view but I know it is very frustrating for those who need help and end up getting someone who barely speaks English. From a business stand point, it saves them money….lots of it. India is filled with very, very smart engineering and computer oriented people. So, they have this large pool of smart people that they can pay smaller amounts of money.