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If you take classes online, will your degree be worth anything?

I just applied to Anthem college online and I want to know when I receive my associates of science will I be able to get better jobs even though I took an online course, I checked and they are accredited with FAFSA (Federal student loan) I need to know if I AM MAKING THE RIGHT DECISION!

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Yes, they are worth something…as long as it’s an accredited college.

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I’m not sure. But chances are that if you go to an actuall school then you might end up getting an online class. I’m currently takeing a Digital Arts class and a math class and both of them involve doing the homework and tests online.

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As long as they are accredited. And that means all of your classes can also transfer to another college if later on you decide to pursue another degree. Good luck, i’m thinking of doing the same thing next year.

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FAFSA isn’t the accrediting agency. But, the school’s ability to use Title IV funding is usually a good sign. A school has to be accreditated to be able to utilize federal funding.

Online degrees are a great way to be able to go back to school. Of course everybody has their opinion of them, be sure to do your own research. Traditional scholars usually put up their noses and don’t give them much credit. In order to be accredited and recognized by the Department of Education (FAFSA) lots of research is done. So, if it is a good choice for you, go for it! Many major universities offer online classes/degrees.

good luck!

I found this information for you…

High-Tech Institute – Phoenix, is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT).

The Accrediting Commission is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accreditation agency under the provisions of Chapter 33, U.S. Code, and subsequent legislation.

Why Is This Important?

Formal accreditation by a governing body such as ACCSCT reflects the school’s continuous efforts to achieve maximum educational effectiveness. It ensures that we are achieving a high standard of educational quality.

This accreditation also establishes eligibility for participation in federally funded programs, including student financial aid. Because of this eligibility, all online students who qualify for financial aid can apply for federal loans and grants.