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I need help finding a plot for my story.?

There is a girl named Natalie who is 15 yrs old and lives in Beverly Hills and she is pretty and smart but not totally popular. she is involved in service club and has great leadership qualities. she is basically picture perfect and academically perfect. she has a friend named alexa and two other side-friends, katelyn and ashlee. i need an idea of what should happen in the story.

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Try to get Natalie into Harvard.

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Ten Commandments
You should make a plot first and characters second. If you do it that way, you just end up with some story thousands of people have come up with before.

See what I mean, the person below me said try to get her into Harvard but something similar to that has already been done in the movie Ice Princess. You can still use that but the only way it will be good is if you show how your character grows on her way to Harvard. If not it will be predictable and boring.