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A man is arranging his bikes and tricycles….?

If there are 50 wheels and 40 pedals, how many bikes and tricycles are there? Please give formula also.

Please help much help needed.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a formula to solve this one as it is what we call a “guess and check” problem in our 4th grade math text! SImply put, you try out different answers until you find the correct one. However, if you think logically, there are the same number of pedals on both bicycles and tricycles-2. So 40 divided by 2 =20 cycles ( of one kind or the other!)

If all 20 were bikes, that would account for only40 wheels(20×2=40), but if 10 of those were trikes (10×3=30) and 10 were bikes (10×2=20) that would equal 50 wheels.

So your answer is 10 trikes and 10 bikes.


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If there are 40 Pedals, you know there are 20 Bikes/Tricycles combined.

Not telling you the answer, but it helps.


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Dominic D
there are two equations/formulas which describe this algebraic problem.

variables: b = bikes, t = tricycles

assuming there are no left-over pedals/wheels, then

the “rules” of the system are:

2b + 2t = 40 (two pedals per bike or trike … 40 total)

2b + 3t = 50 (two wheels per pike, 3 per trike = 50)

either guess different values for b and t, or

if solving algebraically…

solve for b or t….. e.g., subtract equation (1) from (2)…