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Works Cited 2?

Can someone cite these in APA for me in a works cited page.

9. On pages 711 and 712 of volume 17 of the Indiana Journal of Podiatry (November 1974) appears an essay, “Solving the Loose Shoe Problem” by Earl Q. Butz.

10. Leon Frobisher, Werner Festschrift, Ella Fitsky, and Ian McCrimmer published the twelfth edition of Shoemaking with a Purpose in 1996. The publisher, Hooton-Muffin of Boston, has published editions of the book since 1939.

11. The Society of Legwear Manufacturers wrote a book, Laces, Gaiters, and Spats, in 1901. Provolone-Liederkranz Publishers, Ltd. of Toronto reprinted it in 1955.

12. Mr. 0. Fecteau and Ms. Mary Facenda edited a 1993 anthology, An Ethnography of Footwear, published in New Orleans by Big Muddy Publications. You found an article on pages 70-81, “Footloose and Sandal-Free,” by J. R. R. Frodobaggins.

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