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What are some really good books?

Like Great Expectations, Jane Eyre, etc.

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The five people you meet in heaven

Tuesdays with Maurie

The Secret

Lord of the rings

Harry potter


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This is almost an impossible question to answer. Depends upon what kind of person you are, what things you like to do and what subjects interest you. Personally, I prefer sci-fi and fantasy, but others like mysteries or romance novels. It’s all a matter of personal preference. You need to restate your question to a specific genre of book. I read Jane Eyre and Great Expectations and suffered through both (I HAD to read them for school). On the other hand, I could hardly put down The Lord of the Rings (all 1500 pages – 3 volumes).

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The Nobel Prizes start in 1901, this is a good starting point for the past century like:

Gerhart Johann Robert Hauptmann, Anatole France

William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Thomas Mann, Hermann Hesse, Albert Camus, Imre Kertész and Franz Kafka.

To be well-rounded you will need to read some great works that are older as well, like Shakespeare, Dickens, Chaucer, Moliere, Dumas, Fyodor Dostojevsky, Tolstoy, Voltaire, Balzac, Flaubert, and such.

Personally, I liked

Hermann Hesse’s “Narziss and Goldmund” and “Steppenwolf”.

I like Thomas Mann’s “Tonio Kroeger” and “Death in Venice”

I liked Honore de Balzac’s “Pere Goriot”

On another plane is Kafka’s “The trial” and “Letter to father”.

Short to read was “The Reader” by Bernahrd Schlink, but still very interesting.

Hope this helped!

Once you start reading very good books, you will find more, you will become more literate yourself and find that books have a lot to offer.

Many of the “GREATS” are published in the “Dover Thrift Edition” for way under $10 each!!!


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Here are some that I’ve read and liked and not liked that are considered great books:

Loved:The brother’s karamazov, crime and punishment, Anna Karenina, Frankenstein, The universe in a nutshell

Liked:Oliver Twist, Dracula, Shakespeare plays (romeo and juliet, hamlet, a midsummer’s night dream), Alice in Wonderland (through the looking glass),

Disliked: War and Peace, Tale of two cities, Catcher in the Rye

And an instant classic that I still love was Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot and other observations by Al Franken.


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Moonfleet, Anna Karenina, anything by Pearl Buck-start with The Good Earth. The Fortunes of Richard Mahony. Tom Jones, anything by Thackeray. Pick out authors: all the Bronte sisters, George Eliot, Nathanial Hawthorne, Charles Dickens, Oliver Goldsmith, Henry Fielding.They are all great authors of great books.

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Personally, I did not like Great Expectations. A really good book that I liked was Where the Red Fern Grows, which is about a boy who lives on a farm and desperately wants his own coon dogs. The Green Mile by Stephen King is also an excellent novel.

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Ah, Great Expectations! such a great novel, the only reason people fail to like it is because they are ignorant.

Oliver Twist, The Giver, Where the Red Fern Grows, Huckleberry Finn, the Bible, Anne of Green Gables, Frankinstein, all Shakspeare’s plays, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great gatsby, Carry on Mr. Bowditch, Screwtape Letters,Treasure Island ( boys)

Well hope that helps a bit.


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mabekah m
The Christmas Carol

Pride and Prejudice

Sense and Sensibility


David Copperfield

Anne of Green Gables (and the rest of the series)

The Wind and the Willows


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mansfield Park

The Swiss Family Robinson

Around the world in 80 days

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Robin Hood

Robinson Crusoe

The more modern ones! (I think)

Spiderwick series

Lord of the ring series

A series of unfortunate events series

apparently the Harry Potter series (haven’t read any of them but kids seem to love them. They are huge books but those kids go through them pretty fast)

Hope this helped!


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answer faerie, V.T., A. M.
Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake:

not Great, in the classic novel sense, but great:

anything by John Irving

anything by Kurt Vonnegut

Spider Robinson

Arthur C. Clarke

Douglas Adams

Morgan Llewelyn (Irish historical fiction)

and for witty, cynical, snarky poetery, Dorothy Parker


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I really enjoyed a book called Life of Pi, although its not an “academic” book. It is extremely interesting and thought provoking, and difficult to put down.

“when Pi is sixteen his parents decide that the family needs to escape to a better life. Choosing to move to Canada, they close the zoo, pack their belongings, and board a Japanese cargo ship called the Tsimtsum. Travelling with them are many of their animals, bound for zoos in North America. However, they have only just begun their journey when the ship sinks, taking the dreams of the Patel family down with it. Only Pi survives, cast adrift in a lifeboat with the unlikeliest of travelling companions: a zebra, an orang-utan, a hyena, and a 450-pound Royal Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.”

That gives you a superficial idea of what its about, although it doesn´t begin to describe the depths.


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I love Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare. Another good one is Catch 22 by Joseph Heller.