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Which AP courses can I study by myself?

Which ap classes can i study by myself and still get a decent score on the exam.Which ap classes do u recommenend for self study? Thank you

AP chemistry

AP united states history

AP macroeconomic

AP Microeconomic

AP European History

AP government and politics

AP calculas AB

AP computer science A

AP Enviromental science

AP static

Ap psychology

thank you!!!

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AP Psychology is one of the easiest, and I’ve known people to do it w/out taking the class. It’s mostly vocabulary and a lot of common sense if you just read through a textbook.

Either of the Economics tests, those are supposed to be easier, if you set your mind to it. I never took it, but Macro was offered as a one-semester class at my high school– if it can be done in one semester, you could probably do it by yourself.

I’d say NOT to Calculus and Chemistry– those are more involved and just too much to do by yourself, especially the Chem.

And I’m not sure about the history tests. They aren’t really hard, comparatively, but it’s a LOT of reading to do and a LOT of information you have to be responsible for. If you really like history, though, go for it.

I don’t know about the others. I’ve never take Stat or Computer science. Government– it’s not hard, but most of what I learned in the class wasn’t from the book so I don’t know if independent study would work for that either.

So psychology or one of the economics would be your best bet.

Good luck!


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Jimmy P
Well it just depends on what your good at. And don’t let any one bring you down saying you need a teacher to pass. I recommend A.P. U.S.H.

Last year i didn’t take an AP USH course but i studied a month before the exam and i passed it with a four. So it is definitely possible to pass an ap exam without taking a class.

My advice is if you choose history choose us and not euro. us is easier because you only learn about one country, while in euro you have to learn many eras, leaders, and wars in many different countries.

The Princeton review and the American pageant are what i used to study for the exam and i recommend them both.

Just study up, don’t quit(because to tell you the truth i thought i was going to fail, but i passed with a great score)

and most important of all

Good Luck


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Jennifer Lynn
I’m taking AP Computer Science A right now, and my teacher doesn’t help me at all, so I bet you could study that by yourself. If I can do it I’m sure you can, because I’m not so great with computers. But everything you need to know is in that ginormous textbook. Good luck.

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AP euro grew to become into simple for me sophomore 365 days, yet fairly some people struggled with the entire quantity of interpreting. the only reason i does no longer advise it relatively is that it covers seven hundred years of background. it relatively is fairly helpful to attempt something greater particular, like AP psyc (I surely have heard that the attempt is surely simple). All in all, even with the undeniable fact that, in the journey that your college provides AP euro as a type, take it! it relatively isn’t simple to conceal lots textile by making use of your self, exceedingly with chem and precalc. additionally, the class prepares you for the AP attempt essay question and the thesis paper you write on a led to undertaking (maximum regularly talked approximately as a DBQ). they are fairly simple to place in writing because you’re given concepts to place in writing your paper off of, however the class will help with that. yet despite you do, do no longer TAKE THE AP MACROECONOMICS one. it relatively is suicide with out the class. surely, it relatively is suicide even with the class, yet permit’s no longer be choosy. sturdy success!

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AP US history and AP European history. Neither require extensive in-class work/discussion to do well on the exam, you’ll do fine taking them as self-studies.

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none. teachers have tricks and memory games to help you remember so much…i took ap chem and it was extremely difficult. i had an amazing teacher though so he helped me a lot and i couldn’t have done it by myself. take all ap through classes at school

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It honestly depends on what you enjoy and are good at. Everyone is different.