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oh the irony.

persuading nan to homeschool me?

i live in the uk.

i hate school, i get stressed really easily.

i would love to be homeschooled.

when im at home, even when im ill, im more cheerful.

when i can, i go on the internet (when im ill) and teach myself things.

does anyone have any tips on persuading her?

i asked her twice before.

she thinks people will be round checking up on us and i cant go out with her, even if i am homeschooled.

also, do you know of any good websites where you can find some homeschool freebies?

also, if you are homeschooled, could you leave me your email or im?

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Hannah M

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Hi. I’m 14 and home educated although we live in Australia, not the UK. You could try checking out “Education Otherwise” as they are the umbrella group for homeschooling and homeschoolers in the UK. They could probably put your nan in touch with other families who live near you who are already homeschooling and who could give her the facts.

If your nan is worried about you not being able to go out if you leave school for fear of being accused of truanting…by law, homeschoolers can not truant. Yes there is always a chance that education welfare or the cops might stop you if you’re out of school during ‘normal’ school hours as part of an anti-truanting sweep but it’s not a problem. If it were to happen to you then you (or your nan) just has to tell them that you are homeschooled and not registered at school and therefore can’t be truanting. Anyway the cops can’t arrest you (or your nan) for “truanting”.Their only option if they believe you’re truanting is to take you back to your school…and if you’re not registered with a school; donc, there’s nowhere for them to take you! Hence they have to let you (and your nan) simply walk away and go about your business.

As for people coming round checking up on you: my mum gets a letter from our local education authority every 12-18 months asking her if we’re still being home educated…and that’s it, the sum total of their “official interference”!

PS I’d make sure you concentrate on the reasons why you want to be home educated and not the reasons why you don’t want to go to school.


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Sit her down and tell her why you want to be homeschooled. You should have alot of reasons ready..not just “I hate school”. Make a list…a convincing list that she will take seriously.

If you like going on the internet and learning, then I would suggest doing an online homeschool. I’ve never done this, but I’ve never heard any bad things about it. Maybe look into that.

People don’t come and check up on you. I don’t know how things work in the UK for homeschooling, but here in the US there are guidelines and all you have to do is follow them correctly and you’re fine.


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Ms. Phyllis
I think the best persuasion for your “nan” to homeschool you would be for you to explain why you want to be homeschooled. You should do some research on the homeschooling laws/legal options in the UK, then share your findings with your “nan.” Following is a link with some information on the UK homeschooling laws:


Regarding homeschool freebies, I own/moderate a homeschool resource list/support group that has many freebies listed in the “Links” section on our website. Please feel free to join, check out the links, and find what you need:


I hope the above information is helpful, and I hope your nan decides to homeschool you.