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Is it too Late??

I am 25 year old single mother of one. My son is now five and I have been struggling on what to do. I do not receive any help from the father. I want to go to school but I don’t want to take on the student loans. I want more for my son. I want to send him to college with out any worries. I come from a middle class family of 8 including my parents, which I did not have the luxuries of most people. I want to put my son in the right direction, but I would be unable to do it if I cloud up my finances. Should I go back to school or should I work my *** off to help my baby?

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I appaud you for this. But it is extremely difficult to do so. the first step i would take is pay off your previous student loan. Then I would go back to school when your child is a little older, maybe 8 years old. Being so young right now he needs mom around. I would save money not only for your education but for your sons. Just think of how you are struggling and how you do not want him to do the same. Also I would take his father to court for child support. They can garnish his wages.

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Going back to school will be working your a** off, but to help your baby! You should do it! Better to get a degree from a community college (in-state) and to get a degree in something with tangible skills- law, engineering, health care, etc. Before you pic your degree make a appointment at the college’s career center and ask them (the pros) what degree you should get.

The value of community college is greatly under appreciated and many of them have day care giving you time to go to class and study a bit, plus they have flexible class scheduals that may allow you to work. You’ll have to take out loans for your education, likely even with community college, there is no magic bullet. However that said loans for education are often considered “good debt” as long as you commit to completing your degree.

Good luck!

And no it is not too late, it NEVER is.