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Interview for scholarship?

hi i’ll have an interview for a university’s scholarship tomorrow and i just wanna know if anyone knows about the type of questions they usually ask the students.thanks a lot.

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The first question would probably be “Why this university, Why this profile?”


Then…what makes you a perfect candidate for one of our university’s scholarships?

No matter the question, just have a good presentation of your skills and abilities.


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If you are not awarded this scholarshp, what other options do have? (financially)

Have you applied for other scholarships?

How did you find out about our scholorship?

Do you think this scholarship is right for you and why?

How do you feel about our school?

How will you educationally benifit with your scholarship?

What other plans that you may have other than the major for this scholarship?

Alot of these questions are asked, or simlilar. Dont be afraid to ask questions for yourself. For example:

-Will this scholarship help with funding if my financial aid/loan does not cover my expenses?

-What other positive benifits that this scholarship can help while I am at this university?

Or whatever comes to your mind. If you have to inttereupt the interviewer, do it politely and let he or she know that you do not understand what they are saying and you would like to know more.

Good luck.


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i might gown the area! wearing denims to an interview, be it a job or scholarship interview, does not leave an extremely reliable impression. think of of a few thing you will possibly positioned directly to to church. Slacks, sweater, some thing dressy and conservative. little or no rings. little or no fragrance. in case you want to be a legal expert, it would help to actual look as though a legal expert! terrific of success to you!!