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In writing academic papers, students are often required to use different writing styles. Among the many papers that scholars write are the Oxford style papers. Oxford style papers are written using the Oxford citation style. The Oxford citation style is a style of writing papers and referencing that is provided by Oxford university press. Students write different Oxford style academic papers including the Oxford referencing style term paper, Oxford referencing style essay, Oxford style research papers, Oxford style dissertation and Oxford style thesis.

An Oxford style paper consists of the title page which includes the title or the research, the name of the author, the name of the person the work is to be submitted to, the title of the discipline of study and its code, the name of the institution and the date of submission. It also consists of the table of contents which is written after the title page and it shows all the sections and subsections in the paper and their page numbers. In writing an Oxford style paper, one has to write an introduction which presents the main points of the text. It summarizes the main points and ideas in the paper thereby giving the reader a brief know-how of what is contained in the paper. Just like any other style paper, the Oxford style paper has the body which is the main part of the paper and has different sections each describing one main idea. This section contains all detailed explanations.

It is essential when writing an Oxford style paper to give a concluding statement and recommendations. In Oxford style referencing, the basic format to cite a book in a bibliography and footnote is as follows: The Author’s surname and initials, the full title which is given in italics, the edition, if other than the first, the name of the publisher, the place of publication, and the year of publication. To cite journals in an Oxford style reference, the format is: the author, the title of the article, the title of journal, the volume number, the copy number, the year of publication and page numbers.

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