APA referencing style

APA refers to the American psychological association and the APA style is a constellation of rules that were developed so as to ease the comprehension of behavioral as well as social sciences. APA referencing style dictates how the design of an essay looks like including but not limited to the spacing to be employed, the margin allowance, the font style to use and how to cite as well as acknowledge sources.

It is important to note that today; most universities issue essays and give specific instructions detailing the referencing style to be used in completion of the paper. Apart from APA referencing style, we do have other referencing styles including but not limited to Harvard referencing style, MLA referencing style Oxford referencing style etc. Some of the basic rules to observe as far as APA referencing style is concerned include ensuring that the font used is times new roman and double spacing the essay.

Additionally, an APA referencing style essay must have four main sections which include the title page, the abstract, the main body and lastly the References section. In brief, the title page is made up of the paper’s title, the name of the author and lastly the institution in which the paper shall be submitted to. The abstract in short should contain a brief f all he major aspects which will be addressed in your paper, it should be brief and to the point. This is again where most students fail. Giving a lot of stories in the abstract leaves you with nothing to write about in the body of the text. The main body addresses the main points as brought out in the abstract. The APA style paper must also be cited appropriately. First, we have the in text citation and then the references page which contains a list of all the works cited in the text.

It is important to note that writing a good APA style paper calls for both the knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the APA Referencing style as well as the experience in completing APA style papers. It has however been noted hat most students do not have the

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right skills necessary to format a paper according to the provisions of the APA referencing style.

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