MLA Term Paper

MLA tem paper is one of the MLA style papers, which is written by students over a period of one academic term. MLA style papers are written using the MLA style of writing developed in by the Modern Language Association. Others types of MLA papers include; MLA essays, MLA research papers, MLA Thesis or MLA dissertations. The main features of MLA style papers include use font 12 point Time New Romans and page margin set to one inch in all sides of the page.

First lines of Paragraphs in MLA style papers are indented five spaces from the left margin and pages are number consecutively through out the MLA style paper including the first page and are placed at the top right hand corner of the page. MLA style papers do not require the use of a separate title page. A title block is instead, included at the beginning of the paper, where the information on the name of the student, the instructor’s name, the course name and others are typed at the top left hand margin of the page.

The title of the MLA style paper is then typed and centered one double space below the student information block. When referencing outside sources following the MLA writing format, the MLA style papers uses two forms of referencing. This are: the work cited list at the end of the document and the in-text referencing where there is use of parentheses. In text parenthetical referencing in MLA style papers involve use of brief author/ date citations in the text usually enclosed in parenthesis. The authors surname and date of publication is included in the Parenthesis separated by a comma.

Sources cited inside text are then reflected to a list of works cited that appears at the end of an MLA style paper. The list of Works Cited is included to give more information to the readers on where you found your data and information. Listing a book source in the work cited list of an MLA style paper will follow the format; author’s name, title, editor, edition, place of publication, the publisher and date of publication while listing sources from a website will follow the format; Authors name, title of article, Last edited date, Webb and date of access.

The work cited list of an MLA style paper is arranged in alphabetical order following the author’s surname. Both paraphrasing and use of quotation are allowed when writing MLA style papers. Short quotations remain within their respective sentences and paragraphs while long quotations are placed in their own paragraph and indented. When writing MLA style papers you can refer to the MLA style handbook for more guidelines. Some students find difficulties it a difficult task to write MLA style papers and often require assistance.

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