Turabian Term Papers

Turabian term papers are academic papers written according to the Turabian style which is widely used in academic circles. Turabian style papers are usually in the form of term papers, dissertations and Turabian style thesis statements which are written prior to writing a proposal which precedes the project that is also written according to the Turabian style manual.

The Turabian style papers have a unique page numbering sequence that is specific to the style. This incorporates use of page numbers on the bottom right corner of the very first page. This is important as the student has to take extra caution as it is only the Turabian style papers that have page numbers on the first page. Subsequent pages of Turabian style papers also have page numbers as a continuation of the first one which are inserted on the right hand top corner of each page. This also applies to the appendices where the references and diagrams are included in the Turabian style papers. The Turabian style papers incorporate the Arabic numerals that are continuous throughout the paper. Caution should be employed maximally to ensure that only the correct page numbering is inserted in Turabian style papers.

The very first page or cover page of the Turabian style papers contains the student’s personal details that are unique to the paper. Here the student inserts the topic of the Turabian style papers which is added at the very top of the page and it is centre aligned. Subsequently, the student has to write their name, that of their institution, instructor and course. These details are essential in attainment of complete Turabian style papers which are highly unique to that particular paper. The date during which the Turabian style papers should be handed in for grading are also included on the cover page.

The entire page of the Turabian style papers should be double-spaced except for quotations which are more than four or five lines. Such are indented from the margin and the entire quotation is blocked and made single-spaced to make it distinct from other content. The

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Turabian style papers also include footnotes or endnotes section that is single spaced. Hence from this layout, only those sections which are unique are single-spaced as other normal sections are double spaced.

The Turabian style papers are quite unique as only the sources that are used in the text are later on included as citations alongside the material that is inserted in the Turabian style papers. Consequently, the Turabian style papers require that the student uses more primary sources of data than secondary sources due to the degree of reliability which varies across the sources. The citations may be included in the footnote section and thereafter in the bibliography section. The Turabian style papers acknowledges three categories of sources namely; newspapers, scholarly journal articles and magazines. Textbooks are not regarded as highly as these sources bearing in mind that most books are secondary sources of information.

The bibliography section is compulsory for all Turabian style papers as it is proof for the originality of the paper as plagiarism reports for the same will amount to zero. Similarly, the most accurate Turabian style papers referencing structure should be used such that all details of the primary source of information are incorporated in this page.