Harvard Style Dissertation

There is a wide range of referencing styles which one may settle for while completing a dissertation. This referencing styles include the APA referencing style, Harvard referencing style, MLA referencing style, Oxford referencing style etc. it is important to note that each of this styles are substantially different in principle and therefore great attention should be given when referencing using either.

When it comes to the Harvard referencing style, the main features include the appearance of the citation and secondly the appearance of the reference list. When it comes to the appearance of the citation, it should be indicated in the main text in parenthesis. Here, the main areas of interest include the name of the author, the year in which the work you are citing was published and the page number of the same. However, in this style, the page number is taken to be optional. The main purpose of the in-text citation is to help the reader identify a specific item in the reference list from which the work was cited from and to acknowledge the author of the same.

The reference list is made up of each citations full details. Please note that it is only works cited in the text that shold be referenced in the reference list. It has been noted that quite a number of students make great mistakes here by listing works they have not cited in the text. Further, another mistake that students make while coming up with the references list while using the Harvard style is omitting cited resources in the references list. Please note that these are some of the issues that can end up costing you dearly in terms of grades. When it comes to the Harvard referencing style, there is some allowance as far as the structure and format of the reference is concerned. However, you must include the name of the author followed by the year of publishing and then the title of the work followed by the place of publishing. Please note that while citing a web page, the uniform resource locator or the ULR must be indicated.

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