Turabian Writing Style

The Turabian writing style was developed by Kate Turabian and was published by the University of Chicago

. It shows very huge similarity with the


manual of style as Turabian style of writing was delivered from this. The difference between the

Turabian style of writing and the


style of writing is that the Turabian style was developed mainly for students. The Turabian style papers follow the two modes of document referencing. These are the note /bibliography system and the author date system with a bibliography list at the end of the

Turabian style paper. The note / bibliography system in Turabian style papers involve the use of hypertext markers in inside text citations. Hypertext markers are simply raised Arabic numerals that are placed inside texts at end of sentences where ideas from a source have been used. The hypertext markers are numbered sequentially through out the Turabian style papers and can be either document wide or chapter specific.

When the markers are said to be numbered document wide, it means that they numbered following each other in sequence in the whole Turabian style paper while in a chapter specific markers, the markers are numbered differently form one chapter of the Turabian style paper to another. The markers correspond to specific footnotes at the bottom of the page or specific endnotes at the end of a particular division of Turabian style papers. The Turabian footnote and endnotes serve to provide additional information concerning the sources cited by the markers inside text of Turabian style papers. The Turabian style footnotes and endnotes provide information about the author of the source, year of publication, the type of source, title among other details.

The information in the footnotes and endnotes is then reflected in the bibliography list at the end of a Turabian style paper. The second option of document referencing provided for Turabian style papers is the author date system. This system involves use of parenthesis to cite sources inside texts of Turabian style papers. The surname of the author and the date of publication are enclosed in parenthesis, separated by commas and are then placed at the end of the sentence where ideas from that source have been used. Information enclosed in parenthesis is amplified in a list of references that is included at the end of Turabian style papers. The list of reference in Turabian style papers is arranged in alphabetical order according to the author’s surname.

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