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There are various writing styles that are used by students to write their academic papers. The writing styles include MLA, APA, Chicago and oxford. The writing styles differ from each other. American psychological association (APA) is a writing style that is commonly used to cite sources in social sciences. The APA guide provides instructions that students should follow when writing academic papers using APA writing style.

An academic paper has various sections. The student is supposed to include all the sections in his or her work. The APA guide shows how students are supposed to format their papers and the bibliography. Student should include various sections in their work as outlined in the APA guide. The academic paper should have the title page, abstract, main body and references. The four sections need to be formatted according to the guidelines given in the APA guide.

The title page of any academic paper should include the author’s name and the institution. Then, the writer should include a page header. The page header should be placed on the left side of the paper. Also, the writer should include the page numbers. The page numbers should be flushed right. The page header should include the title of the paper and flushed left. This is according to the guidelines given in the APA guide . The title of the paper should be written in both upper and low case letter. The APA guide discourages students from writing the title using Upper case. The title should be placed at the center of the paper.

In addition, the APA guide recommends that the title should not be more than 12 words. The student should comply with the guidelines given in the APA guide and ensure that the title used in the academic paper is not more than 12 words. Also, the title should contain any abbreviations or words that do not make sense. After formatting the title page according to APA guide, the student should double space the text in the title page.

The next section is abstract. APA papers should have an abstract. The abstract should be formatted using the instructions given in the APA guide. The abstract should be written on a new page. The student should make sure that the abstract has a page header. The first line of the abstract page should include the title abstract. The student should center the title. The title

APA Guide

should not be in bold, italics or underlined. Also, the student should not use quotation marks when writing the title.

The abstract allows students to summary the key points in their research. The student should include the research topic, questions, methods, results and data analysis. Also, the student should include the conclusion and participants in the abstract. The abstract can also include an implication of the research. The abstract should not be more than 250 words. This is as per the APA guide.

The writer should include the main body. The main body allows the writer to support his or her thesis statement. The writer is required to use strong points to support his or her thesis. The points should be relevant to the thesis statement. The main body is supposed to be formatted well like the abstract. The main body should be written according to the instructions provided in the APA guide. The APA guide provides tips on how the students should write the main body and format it. The main body should have subheading and centered. The APA guide requires students to indent the paragraphs. The first sentence in the paragraph should be indented.

The APA guide requires the content of the academic papers to be typed and double spaced. Also, the academic paper should be 1” margin on all sides. Most instructors require students to use font 12 in their work. All academic papers written using APA writing style should be written using the times new roman as the font. The student should adhere to the guidelines given in the APA guide when writing academic papers using the APA writing style.

The academic papers should have a conclusion. Students are supposed to restate their thesis statement in the first line of the conclusion. There are different methods to write a conclusion. Some people can use quotations at the beginning of the conclusion. Restating the thesis statement is the best strategy to use when writing academic papers using APA writing styled. The conclusion should be a summary of the content in the main body. The first line of the conclusion should be indented as per the guidelines in the APA guide.

APA Guide

Apart from the main sections of the body, the academic papers should have a bibliography and in text citations. The writer should cite the sources used in his work so as to make the work valid. The APA guide provides guidelines on how to format the bibliography list. The bibliography list is formatted differently in APA writing style. First, the bibliography list should be listed alphabetically. This is according to the sample provided in the APA guide. For example, Begley, S. (1998).Aping language. Prentice hall, page 56-58.

Moreover, when writing the references, the writer should start with the sir name then the first name and middle name. The sir name should be written in full and other names as initials. The APA guide requires students to write the reference as shown in the example above.

After the writing the sir name and the initials, the student should include the year the source was published followed by the title, publisher and the pages. The references should be written on a new page and the tile of the page centered.

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