Role Model


A Role model is a person who has qualities that another person would like to imitate. The role model’s effective way of going something influences other persons and they work hard to acquire those traits that make him/her good at something. Role models play a big role in someone success. An example of a role model of a good communicator is the late Ronald Reagan, former US president.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan had good communications skills. As a good communicator he was able to be successful in his career. Reagan had exception confidence in his communication. This confidence allowed him to talk to other people with ease (Levine, 2009). It also made people want to listen to what he was saying. In addition Reagan understood and believed on the materials he communicated thus adding to his confidence. Reagan was able to catch his audience aspirations. For example, his speeches were appealing to his audience. His campaign slogan for 1984 election raised hope for a better America (Levine, 2009). By using positive expressions He was able to make the vision of a better future real to his audience (Levine, 2009). Reagan also had a good sense for humor. Reagan was at ease in using humor while communicating. His use of humor made people be interested in what he was saying. He used joke and sense of humor to explain key principles of his political ideology. He also used humor to disarm his opponents (Levine, 2009). Reagan used the right word for the right time and audience. In addition he was able to use non verbal expressions such as gestures to pass information.

Role Model


Reagan’s good communication helped him to be successful in his career. Communication constitutes everything that we do. It is communication that enables people to coordinate and cooperate. Good communication skills are thus essential to everyone. These skills could be learnt and with practice one would a good communicator.


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