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When it comes to writing a persuasive speech, many students d not know where to begin from. A persuasive speech unlike any other kind of speech looks forward to convincing the audience to see issues or things in your own point of view. It is hence crucial to apply persuasive skills which can go a long way into influencing the stand taken by the audience or the listener. Just like any other speech paper, a persuasive speech should have he same forma when to comes to presentation. The first part of the persuasive speech should include a brief introduction of the issue under consideration. This first part is critical as it saves several purposes. First, it seeks to build rapport with the audience by breaking down the main subject of discussion into bits which can be easily comprehended by the audience.

Next, this is the part which informs the audience of what to expect as the main subject of the paper unfolds. It is hence appropriate to say that if a student gets it wrong at the introductory part, then the audience ma loose interest before even reading the rest f the speech. It is here that marks are gained or lost.

The body of a persuasive speech includes a concise and convincing argument that should be tailored towards swaying the opinion of the audience t your favor. Arguments here must be developed in a systematic and easy to follow was. It is important to ensure that the paragraphs and sentences are arranged in a way that allows flow so as not to loose the audience along the way. The last part of the persuasive speech usually includes a build up of the main points discussed ion the main text as well as a reemphasis of your own point of view and reasons why he audience must see things in your own point of view.

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