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SWOT analysis describes strategic planning through evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities that are available to a business or individual. Individual development requires one to monitor their progress by identifying their strengths and seeking to make use of them, acknowledging their weaknesses and endeavoring to overcome them, identifying the opportunities available to them and taking advantage of them, being aware of the treats facing them and being able to avoid or counter them. Companies on the other hand need to carry out this analysis to be able to monitor their progress, be aware of their environment and aim at strategizing for the growth of the company. Every analysis comes with results that call for changes in the operations, techniques or strategies used. Indeed, there is need to do all this while taking into consideration the aspect of time. Personal development is crucial for the development of the whole company since, the most important resource for any company is human resource. Organizations are always advised to create opportunities for employees to carry out their personal analysis and create an environment for growth. This may cost much but the benefits out of this are more. This essay shall focus on a personal profile that involves individual analysis and shall shift to analysis Deloitte Company using the same.

Personal Profile

I am honest, result oriented, ambitious and very optimistic. In addition am hard working, submissive to authority, God fearing and self motivated. I am able to work well under pressure and with minimum supervision. I possess good organizational, communication and interpersonal skills. Just like socialization is a continuous life long process, personal development is also. It is normally said that becoming is a continuous process that we all achieve, to become better, make better decisions, attain higher standards and ultimately becoming what we really ought to be for only then can we become a great resource to the society. It is normally said that one can improve their lives instead of waiting for others to do so for him or her. (Stefane, 2004). My

Case study

strengths are excellent organization skills since I just love orderliness in all aspects, interpersonal skills since people are my drive to see them happy and fulfilled and offer help whenever I can. I also possess good training skills with the ability to guide and help people learn well which is motivated by the desire to see them becoming their best in their areas of specialization.

Although I have these strengths, I also do have areas of imperfection that I continuously work on to improve. I believe that weaknesses are not meant to make use unhappy but to give us the opportunity to better ourselves to ultimately achieve our desires and reach our goals in life. It is normally said that unhappy people always blame bad luck for their inadequacies as a way of looking for excuses so as not to take responsibility for their lives. (Grauschopf, 2005) My aim has always been to work in improving my communication, supervisory and time management skills.

Every New Year comes helps us realize that time is not static. The beginning of the year gives us the opportunity to assess ourselves to find out whether we achieved the goals that we had set for the previous year, to analyze whether we put our strengths to maximum use, whether we made measurable efforts to overcome our weaknesses, whether we took ad vantage of the opportunities presented to us to the full and whether we were able to prepare for the risks and threats that came and ultimately overcoming them. It is funny how at the beginning of the year we realize that we did not make the much progress we had anticipated.

At the beginning of the year, I made plans to improve my weak areas and promised to follow by it. Communication is the art of being able to pass on the required message and engaging fruitful conversations. I therefore took up an attachment in a secondary school where I was assigned teaching assignments for two subjects in three classes. This gave me an opportunity to make sure that I learned the concepts that I was to teach so that I could pass the right information. This also gave me the opportunity to get to know the issues of the students and communicate them out to management. Counseling sessions improved my ability to understand an issue and give the right solution while ensuring that the right message was received. Overall this was a great opportunity to acquire better communication skills.

Case study

Supervisory skills are essential in any level of management. I was able to improve my supervisory skills by taking advantage of opportunity I had an attachment in a school. I was involved in the general supervision of students in matters of sports, projects and other activities. Time management skills are skills that have continuously tried to improve but this was motivated by the previous courses I had attended, the teaching attachment I took up which involved strict adherence to the timetable while leadership positions I held gave me an opportunity to improve.

In the next two years, I plan to take up further courses in accounting to attain accounting certification. I also plan to take up basic banking courses and other management courses and personal development courses. To advance and make use of my skills, I plan to join a reputable bank or financial consultancy company while at the same time trying a hand in entrepreneurship in the fashion industry. I wish to raise up the first line management ranks in the next 5 years and establish a good career profile

The Analysis of Deloitte Company

Description of Deloitte Company

Deloitte touché is an organization of member firms that seek to promote excellence in provision of professional services and advice. It is focused on client service by using global strategies that are executed in about 150 countries. The delivery of services is majorly in four professional areas which are tax, audit, consulting and financial advisory services.Deloitte serves large national and international firms, public institutions, local clients and those successful fast growing global growth companies. (Kisuu, 2006) Deloittes main subsidiaries are found in Argentina, Australia, Norway and Rome while Deloitte employees are mostly connected to Ernst 7 Young, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and Accenture among others.

Case study

The Organization Structure

Deloitte Touche is a Swiss Association hence neither Deloitte nor any of its member firms has any liability for each others actions or omissions. Each of the member firms is a separate independent legal entity under the name “Deloitte”, “Deloitte and Touche” or“Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu” and or other related names. The services described are provided by the member firms and not by Deloitte Association. Each member firm is structured to fit it the specific country’s laws, regulations, common practices in the industry and other factors. Each member firm is free to provide the professional services in their regions through affiliate companies, other entities and or subsidiaries.

The processes of Deloitte Company range from audit, tax, consulting and other financial advisory services. The processes of Deloitte cut across all the sectors of the economy like manufacturing sector, financial services, health and related science, real estate, information, communication and technological sector, government agencies, energy sector among others. It is a partner and service provider to metallurgical companies, defense companies, among others. Deloitte Company offers expertise combined with flexibility in the fields of research. In corporate or market research, Deloitte provides an international perspective on commercial and market research while allowing discreet competitor analysis in the relevant sector. In field research, Deloitte carries out consumer surveys and product testing, in depth interviews and staff and product evaluation while leaving the final decision to the client. Deloitte offers assistance in professional writing in product literature, speeches, marketing slogans, texts, media articles or general academic writing. Deloitte also offers service analysis so as to maintain good client base while also offering competitor analysis through investigation of their staff and service to enable clients analyze and evaluate themselves to out perform. It offers specialized research in historical, scientific, technical, legal and many other sectors. They also do editing and enhancement of projects to give a good professional edge. Deloitte Company has continued to expand and improve its services in the IT sector while still evolving with software and hardware specialists and many more areas as coding and design. Data analysis is usually done in cost effective and time efficient methods including outsourcing. Translation and Proof reading of all written documents including is done.

Analysis of the Financial Advisory Services of Deloitte Company

Case study

Deloitte advices clients how to manage business controversies and disputes and execute deals while maintaining compliance to regulations. In specific detail, Deloitte helps their clients to address serious business concerns involving fraud, litigation, forensic investigation and company reorganization. They advise clients on issues of valuation, and other matters that come up so that they can comply with regulations. Through subsidiaries, Deloitte assists clients to originate and execute transactions and at the same time in strategic investments for mergers and acquisitions, capital planning and divestitures. In addition they offer help in financial statements analysis and budgeting.

The main categories of Deloitte’s financial advisory services are; analytic and forensic technology, Anti fraud consulting, Corporate investigations, corporate finance advisory, business valuation, business intelligence services , Anti-money laundering consulting, document review services, foreign corrupt practices Act consulting, Litigation and dispute consulting, Real estate consulting, Reorganization services and Tangible assets valuation. Financial and Advisory Services professionals bring vast experience, specialized skills deep industry knowledge of the clients and this enables Deloitte respond to the complex and diverse needs. The current world economic downturn has impacted the Financial and advisory services of Deloitte. This has been due to a combination of factors such as social, technological, economic and political factors. The analysis of each reveals Deloitte’s market environment.

Social Factors

Surveys have shown that social and environmental performance are the most important aspect in mainstreaming investment decisions with socially responsible investment gaining use as a complementary tool for fund managers and analysts to provide transparency and global risks analysis. (Bolton, 2006) Additional regulations are being put in place causing companies to have to deal with environmental matters and how they will affect their daily operations, costs and cash flows. This covers carbon dioxide emissions to food safety regulations.Deloitte has been working with clients to enable them be environmentally sustainable while aligning their business priorities and integrating in the business organization management. Social factors have meant that increasingly competitive advantage will be accelerated by the management ability to identify their company’s contribution to resource scarcity, environmental degradation and hazards to human ecosystems and health so that regulatory and stakeholders efforts to address the impact anticipated while business sensitivity risk is minimized.( Millot & Pavlovsky, 2008)

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Technological Factors

Deloitte Company understands that technological advancements to a great deal lead to more frauds and prepares clients to handle and maintain technologically efficient systems. Deloitte’s team helps s clients identify the industries equipped for the technology they have to offer, key factors to win customers and explore market readiness.

Economic Factors

There are changes in the approach of business valuation with income approach being most relevant. Macroeconomic analysis is becoming key in valuation. Today the value of assets is volatile and influenced by many factors with business valuation primarily influenced by the market moods and expectations. It is anticipated that in the near future, everything will depend on real money offered by an investor. (Pisotska, 2009)

Political Factors

Foreign exchange rates are affected by political factors mainly the fiscal and monetary policies of the country. In managing exchange risk risks, Deloitte advises clients to assess the financial exposures arising from payables and receivables using financial hedging models. (Deloitte Research, 2005) Other political factors vary from one country to another hence Deloitte member firms advise their clients accordingly.


Case study

Deloitte Company has constantly thrived as a key player in the financial industry while offering researches that have helped it remain ahead in satisfying clients’ complex needs. There is need for analysis to ensure that Deloitte remains viable in the world economy.


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Case study

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