Persuasive Speech Writing

Persuasive speech writing involves writings speeches aimed at persuading the audience to alter and modify their previous perceptions regarding various aspects in life. A persuasive speech could be presented in the form of a debate where the student outlines details supporting one side of the topic. Similarly, the persuasive speech writing entails use of descriptive words that enable the audience to elate with the scenario at hands while at the same time incorporating words which touch on the bottom line of the topic.

Persuasive speech writing is quite technical as the audience has to be moved by the impact of the speech such that for instance if the topic was on pro-life, the speaker should record more pro-lifers at the end of the speech. This is the sole intent of the persuasive speech writing task, to move the audience thus making them adopt a new stand in the debate whether it was contentious or not.

Persuasive speeches should be written in a flawless manner where the student has to incorporate certain figurative of speech and grammar in the task. This entails use of descriptive terms and avoiding any words which may result in mixed reactions for the audience. This also calls for minimal grammatical errors in the speech as this may halt the persuasive essay, in addition to, making the audience loose interest in the speech.

Sentence transitioning is a vital component of persuasive speech writing as it allows the writer or speaker to present the content of the speech in a more comfortable pace that allows the audience to absorb the content before moving on to the next item in the persuasive speech.

Persuasive speeches are written using details from other sources such as the statistical data obtained from the internet and facts which are also obtained from the internet. Consequently, after using the external sources of data to support the key points in the persuasive essay, the student has to cite the sources in the body of the text. This is vital as credit has to be given to the source of the information as the student will be referring to the source of his supporting details in the course of presenting the persuasive essay. The essence of external sources and the referencing of the work is that it demonstrates a higher degree of professionalism in the

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persuasive essay as plagiarism is ruled out deliberately.

The other equally significant element of a persuasive essay is that it has a concluding statement which is often given as the speaker’s opinion. However, the relevance of the concluding remarks is determined by the degree of explanations that is outlined in the course of compiling the persuasive essay. The course taken by the discussion in the body of the persuasive speech determines the extent to which the student will develop a solid conclusion. Similarly, the concluding remarks should be echoed by the audience as the real findings of the persuasive essay and the evidence should be valid such that it can have a residual effect on the audience.

Persuasive speech essays or papers should be presented for grading before the deadline to avoid last minute rush of the student. This will give the lecturer the impression of a serious student who is responsible of their learning.