A Book By David McCullogh


1776 refers to a book written by David McCullough that signifies a period of complete change in the America history. He featured the works of the three great American presidents: john Adams, Theodore Roosevelt as well as Harry Truman. He gave an account of the enormous labor and political motivation requisite to build the Panama Canal and Brooklyn Bridge.

The book wraps a period of one year, when many colonies were attempting to fight for their independence with then super power, Great Britain. The rebellion started in October of 1775 in London, when the king of England expressed to commit his soldiers and army in American war to conquer the uprising. Later, it occurred that the Great Britain was defeated even after being well equipped and with highly trained navy, this was greatly attributed by unfavorable weather and the over-confidence of the Great Britain soldiers hence reluctant in their strategy.

The author focused on the impacts of the war by revealing it is the soldiers who pay the price of any war. At the same, he revealed that the background brave men of the war different from the well known by many. He attempts to reveal that in every war there are soldiers who show their bravery, however when the true is told they are never revealed to the public. For instance, Charles Lee; the Washington second in command nicknamed “boiling water” due to his temper and bravery. Secondly, Putnam the Israel general in the Bunker Hill war well re-known for his bravery as a soldier.

More so, he portrays the hardships America had to undergo such as to train its soldiers and army while they had little revenue to ensure the war victory. However, the soldiers had to fight to the end, despite unfavorable. In his explanation, he tries to reveal the bravery of the American

A Book By David McCullogh

soldiers and their dedication to fight for their freedom. He aims at encouraging the Americans to be brave and be patriotic to their nation just as their fore-fathers were.

In addition, the writer reveals that not always the strong win in war, despite the Great Britain superiority in mercenaries and war equipments it lost in the war to America though disorganized in its tactics. Similarly, the author aimed at exposing the price paid for America to be born as well as reveal the great struggle of the America soldiers to obtain independence at a period when many unanticipated would be possible. More so, the book intended to let Americans appreciate their nation and their constitution. For example, the king of England in his speech confidently predicted victory.


McCullough attempts to motivate the reader to appreciate the American history in terms of its struggle for its independence and the formulation of its governing constitution. He aims at revealing the reasons behind the birth of America nation. He achieves this by trying to disclose America history vividly in a manner that gives the reader a picture of the various events as well as clarifying the myths underlying these events and characters. This makes the reader understand the topic and its main theme.

However, the author highly concentrates on the efforts of the heroes such as George Washington and argues that soldiers are the ones who pay the price, however every citizen of both warring sides feels the consequences of war. For instance, innocent citizens get killed while others are relatives of those soldiers, and have to stay in suspense to wait from them. All the same, the author records all the events leading to the American freedom and attempts to portray a clear picture of the war to understand the myths underlying the struggles for independence.

A Book By David McCullogh


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