Article Review

An article review is a type of academic writing that involves reading an article and then providing the article review readers with your personal opinion on its content. An article review is also referred to as a critical review. Unlike a book report which only gives the reader information about what the article is about, an article review goes further and reflects personal views of the writer as well as the significance the article has in the field in which it was written.

Writing an article review is not such a hard task and only involves a few steps. First, read the articles very well and understand it. Determine the articles main ideas/ argument and supporting evidence. Critically evaluate the main argument and ideas of the article. Then write down the main points and use them to make an outline for your article review. Plan your paper. A typical article review usually consists of the introduction paragraph, the body and a conclusion. The introduction paragraph of an article review should cite the source article and give a brief sketch of what it was all about. While citing the source article full bibliographic information should be included.

This includes the name of the author, title of the article, date and place of publication and the publisher. You can also explain how the article has been relevant to you and to the field of study and how it is going to be relevant to the article review readers. The body of the article review should carry the writer’s opinion about the subject article. The article review writer should state whether he found the book good or bad and give the reason for his opinion with supportive evidence. The conclusion paragraph should restate why the article review writer would or would not recommend the subject article to the readers of his / her article review.

An article review just like any other academic writing should be written using the correct language and following the recommended writing style. The style of writing article review will mainly depend on the article being reviewed. For example, psychology article review will mainly follow the APA article review format. Students having difficulties writing an article review can visit article review guides available online. The article review guides will provide a student with step by step tips and instruction on how to write an article review. A student can alternatively opt to buy an article review from online custom writing companies.

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