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Review papers are a common feature in most academic institutions of higher learning, and as such any person that goes through these institutions may have at one time or the other to review the scholarly writing of fellow writers. On the other hand, writing of review papers may be used within professional fields to determine the significance and importance of research findings that may be presented within any research paper.

Professional paper reviewers are not trained. However, there are a number of them that are re-known for making these professional paper reviews, after a long time of practical experience in the reviewing of professional pieces of literary work done by fellow researchers in their particular fields of profession. Many students at times find themselves posing this question: How can I write my paper when reviewing other researchers’ scholarly material?

Many at times when I am asked to write my paper in reviewing other scholars’ work I usually have to go on an in-depth research on the work of the authors of these works as well as other authors that may have written similar work. I usually ensure that I have built a comprehensive background of information before I can start out to write my paper. Before I write my paper I have to make a rough sketch of what the author of the paper intended to prove or pass across through his or her work. Thereafter, I have to establish how effectively the writer has been in proving the facts that s/he has presented as well as how he has been efficient in using the proper methodologies on research and the effectiveness in his presentation style. As I start to write my paper I have to first establish whether the literary piece has been effective for its intended purpose.

When I write my paper I usually pay greater attention to the manner in which the author of the work has drawn relevance from the literature review in connection to the main body of his or her research paper. As I write my paper I also ensure that I have established how relevant the methodologies used were effective in driving the research towards its intended goal of either proving or disapproving the presented postulations. As I write my paper on this review I also offer constructive criticism meant to highlight any shortcomings that the author of the research paper may have had in writing his or her research findings. As I write my paper, I also offer appraisal to well chosen methodologies or presentation methods used in presenting the research information and findings.

Paper reviews are mostly technical in nature-they review the technical nature of the paper

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including its presentation and relevance to the research protocols. However, as I write my paper I never forget to include the ethical aspect of the review. As I write my paper I have to state whether the research methodologies violated any ethical standards during the research. This is essential as I write my paper, because I know that the relevance and importance of any research is evaluated in terms of how well the report was written in terms of its technical nature and ethical aspects.

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