Book Review Essay

In basic terms, a book review essay concerns itself on criticizing a book based on its merit, style as well as content. Under normal circumstances, the length of a book revise varies from just a few pages to even a voluminous essay text. It is important to note that a book review is usually informed by personal tastes of the individual reviewing it. With that in mind, no book review may be identical in both content as well as style. Book reviews are important assessment tools to instractors and lecturers in both graduate and other studies. By way of book reviews, a student’s analytical skills are put to test.

What is important to note as far as a book review essay is concerned is that the reviewer should concern himself not on content summary only but on whether the author has managed to reveal the core of the subject and whether the book’s purpose has been achieved. It is also [prudent for any student tasked with coming up with a book review essay to discuss the theme of the text as well as the authors ability to bring out that theme.

All in all, it is clear that in order to come up with a quality book review essay, a student should have a solid understanding of the book in question so as to be able to come up with an objective discussion of the same. It is hence clear that without a good understanding of the book or text in question, a book review exercise may turn out to be an exercise in futility for the reviewer.

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