It got me wondering…

I started a second page called Miss Shitty Chef. Yes, surprisingly I am bad at cooking, especially when it comes to desserts.

Anyway, it got me wondering if recipes were copyright, so I did some research and this is what I found: lists and Ingredients aren’t copyright but description, explanation or illustration are.

Copyright doesn’t protect ideas

If you came up with a recipe it isn’t protected by copyright. Anyone is free to use it and recreate it. Ingredients are also not copyright, I mean why would they be, right? Can you imagine chefs yelling at each other about using the same ingredients? How dare you use onion in your recipe. You’re copying me! Sounds ridiculous.


Method techniques can’t be copyright either. People are free to use the same technique as your recipe, frying, baking, or anything like that isn’t copyright. Again, imagine someone telling you off for baking your potatoes because that’s what their recipe says to do. How dare you use the same method for a baked potatoes recipe.

Written recipe

If you spent the time writing down the recipe with your own instructions and descriptions it is protected by copyright because it’s considered a ‘literary work’. I mean could you imagine if cookbooks all copied each other word for word, we’d never learn anything new.

So if you really like a recipe and want to post it to your own blog or whatever, make sure you write it in your own words, don’t copy someone else’s word for word. Get creative.


If you took your own photos they are yours. If you use someone else’s photos without permission you could get into some trouble. So get permission or find pictures that don’t have a copyright claim.