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Academic writing is an art that should be cultured over time as one develops and sharpens his/her writing skills. After attainment of proficiency one becomes well versed with different forms of writing as well as the different styles of writing academic work. Academic writing of management papers requires an analytic or interpretive approach because the field of management deals with decision-making amidst many managerial uncertainties.

Management papers are academic literary pieces of writing used to highlight various issues under the profession and art of management which spans across various professional fields. The work of management can be defined as the act of coordinating and organizing of any organization in line with the set policies aimed at achieving the mission and vision of the organization. There are numerous management functions that exist within the field of management and are highlighted in most management papers. These could involve management of resources such as the human workforce, finances, production facilities, taxi business or logistics and coordination-just to mention but a few.

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The writing of management papers on any management function requires very extensive research that can enable the development of high quality management papers, because management has become greatly specialized. In considerably large organizations each activity and section of the organization has a management team that is dedicated to the management of its specific activities. For example, a big business organization such as Wal-Mart may have its own management team in charge of the supply chain of the retailing business.

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