Executive Management Program


Horizon Youth Service is primarily engaged in developing capacity in young persons. It is committed to providing young peoples with opportunities to develop themselves and the communities they come from. As a supervisor in Horizon Youth Services I work with the young people and other stake holders to make sure that our programs are successful. In my responsibilities I make decisions in various matters. Executive management program is meant for people in management positions where by various executive and management issues are addressed.

Benefits from executive management program

As a supervisor since 2007, I have worked with diligence to make sure that the programs I have supervised are successful. As a supervisor there are various challenges, especially when working with vibrant youths and working in a dynamically changing world. These challenges have made my work interesting and enjoyable. However to be more effective in my current and future role, executive management program would be very important.

The purpose of executive management program is to build capacity on decision makers in facing and solving challenges. It equips them with knowledge, relationships and tools necessary in driving results in management both local and global. The Executive management program bring together executive manages together and allow them to share their experiences and challenges and how they cope with these challenges. The executive also go through comprehensive academic journey that prepares them to handle dynamic challenges resulting from the dynamically changing global economy. The curriculum allows the executive to go through the political, ethical, social and economical factors that influence top leadership. In the program the participant are able to appreciate different opinions from other executives and different culture. In addition an executive builds new contact and relationships that could be

Executive Management Program

useful in execution of his or her duties.

With the development of the global market and global economy, new challenges have evolved. This challenged revolve around management from a global perspective. The global economies have integrated many economic systems and different people with different cultures. The traditional systems of management that were based on individual economy and market are, thus, faced with challenges. Today executive manager have to take to consideration the effects of their decision to the global world. Failure to be equipped with global ideas in management may lead to executive manager making mistakes that can have entrenched effects. With globalization of the economy, executives have to broaden their knowledge so as to have the capacity in dealing with how these global issues affect their local institutions. Executive management program addresses these global issues. My participation in the program will, thus, equip me with capacity to deal with these global issues and enable me to provide leadership when such issues are faced.

As an executive, one has the responsibility of giving direction and guidelines in various aspects. Executive management program provide a person with strategic insight in dealing with various issues that are faced in the world today. Through the program one is equipped with frameworks for making strategic decision that would significantly affect one’s institution. It allows a person to identify changing trends and patterns and thus be able to make objective and informed decisions. In the fast changing world, significant approach to both operational and financial issues that affect the institution should be adopted. By sharing and evaluating various challenges from the participants, executive management program allows the participant to adopt effective approaches to various challenges they face in their roles.

Institutional and corporate management significantly differs from personal management. In the institutional and corporate organization, various corporate issues have to be considered. The vision, mission and objectives of the institution or corporate are achieved through a combined effort of all the stake holders. At the same time the each stake holder can also lead to the failure of an institution. An executive in an institution has the role of making sure that the objectives of the institution are achieved. With such a role he or she have to control and coordinate contributions from other stake holders. Executive management program allow the executive to understand the impact of corporate culture on organizational achievement and transformation. Participation in this program will allow me to gain insight on how to coordinate efforts of stake

Executive Management Program

holders under me in achieving the objectives of our institution.

Corporate culture is very vital to the success or failure of an institution. In the corporate there are various values and principle that should be upheld. The values of integrity, transparency and accountability should be the backbone of every institution. Breakdown of these values usually bring negative effect to the institution and the economy at large. Many institutions today have been faced with ethical issues. This has resulted from the institutions’ failure to uphold corporate values and an ethical corporate culture. Unethical practices have been sited as the major cause of the economic melt down in the recent past. Participation in executive management program will allow these aspects of management to be addressed and will, thus, build capacity in dealing with such issues. By sharing experiences, participant gain insight on the cause and effects of such practices and will also give direction on the best way of handling such issues in their respective institutions.

Management in a dynamic world is challenging. Executive management program allow people with management responsibilities to come together, share and discuss their challenges and how they handle them. In the programs one is able to meet like minded people through which they can develop relationship. Through this one build networks and resources that can help in achieving both personal and organizational goals. The network forms a great resource for knowledge that can be referred to in time of needs and through which one would be able to reach to other resources.

Leadership skills play an important role in the success of a manager. Executive management program help the participant to develop capacity in effective leadership. The program allows the participants to develop effective, collaborative methods of leadership to use in their respective organizations. It helps the participant develop his or her leadership skills and how to use personal influence to achieve organizational objectives. It also equips the participant with strategies of how to build strong supportive teams that can be helpful in dealing with tough problems in an effective way.

Executive Management Program

Technology is a major factor in the economy. Technological advancement has become the driving force to the global economy. In spite of its positive impact to development of the economy, technology also comes with it challenges. The changing technology calls for dynamic change on how people interact and how they work. Those in the management positions should change significantly with the technology. There are various challenges from technology advancement that are encountered in management. To be able to handle these challenges the management should be continuously equipped with capacity. Executive management program addresses the challenges encountered by executive in the changing technology and give guidelines on how to solve such challenges. Participation in the program will not only inform on new technology but prepare the participant in handling challenges that come with technology advancement.

Good management skills are developed from principles learnt through academic programs. Due to busy work schedules, executives do not get time to refresh the knowledge they had learnt in collage. Executive management program allow these basics to be addressed. Thus, participation in the program will allow one to refresh the principles learnt in college. In addition it will allow these principles to be related to the real world.

Benefit of executive management program to Horizon Youth Service

Participation in executive management program will develop my capacity in executing my role as a supervisor. In consequence, my services to Horizon Youth Service will be better. There are various aspects of Horizon Youth Service that will be positively influenced.

At Horizon Youth Service, the main objective is to allow the youths to develop their skills and fully realize their potentials. To do this one have to be equips with up to date global aspects that affects the global market and global careers. With this knowledge, dynamic improvement to our programs at Horizon Youth Service would be effected and will consequently give our young student up to date skills. This up to date skills will make them competitive and effective in their responsibilities after the corps program.

Executive Management Program

Participation in the program will allow me to meet and share with executives from various organizations. I will be able to learn the challenges they face and the expectation they have on their working force. From interacting with them I will gain insight on the skills expected on worker. From this I will be able to contribute in improving our programs by advising on the best skills to equip to our youths so as they can be relevant with the global economy.

Technical knowledge gained from the program will be very important to Horizon Youth Services. The technology is changing very fast and, consequently, the youths preparing for job market should be equipped with this technical knowledge. In our youth program we will be able to incorporate up to date technical knowledge so as our youth could be significant in the economy.

One of the major objectives of executive management program is to develop leadership skills in executive. Horizon Youth Services programs includes leadership development and leadership training program. These programs will thus gain significantly from the leadership skills that I would learn in the executive management program. I will be able incorporate global leadership skills in our program. This will prepare our youth to be prepared to take leadership positions in the global market.

The dynamic economy has brought new challenges. The new challenges calls for new and better ways for solving them. High school and college education programs do not change as dynamically as the economy. Students usually have challenges in applying what they have learnt in High school or colleges in the economy. Participation in Executive management program will enable me to be informed and understand the relevant knowledge to the economy. From my knowledge I will assist in preparation of better programs that will allow these students to be prepared for challenges that they would face in their jobs. Equipping the students with the relevant knowledge and skills will enable them secure jobs after completing our program.

Executive Management Program


Good and timely decision makes a person a better manager. Executive management program helps a person develop good decision and leadership skills. As a supervisor in Horizon Youth Services, participation will enable me improve my skills and thus help me execute my current and future responsibilities effectively. It will thus assist me in my duties and contribute to the success of Horizon Youth programs