Use of MS Excel in Management

Excel is an important tool in management of an organisation, one of the most important features is that it can be used as a database where all the information regarding employees, production, products and consumers can be stored. Excel with therefore act at a data base in the organisation where data can be added, manipulated and deleted.

Given that data is stored in excel various statistical measures can be determined including mean and standard deviations of variables in question, these values will aid in decision making such decision regarding expected sales levels in future. This software will provide accurate results when determining production levels, sales levels and income levels. Therefore excel will help improve data management and decision making in an organisation.

Legal and ethical issues:

If information gained from the survey was used in determinign ideal characters when hiring, then this will given rise to ethical and legal issues. Companies will be interested in individuals who have higher job satisfaction, the company may decide to higher men only given that they have higher job satisfaction levels and also the company may decide to use the information to lay off workers.

The recruitment process is regulated by employment law. However the selection process differs

Use of MS Excel in Management

whereby organisation needs differ. Employment laws state that individuals should be offered equal opportunities and that there should be no form of discrimination, discrimination will occur with reference to race, gender or disabilities. From the results of the survey companies may decide to higher men only given that they have higher job satisfaction levels, this is a form of discrimination which may give rise to legal issues.

In research one of the ethical issue is confidentiality, the company may decide to lay off workers whose job satisfaction levels were low, as a result this will be unethical given that participant’s names or identity should be withheld. Workers are also protected by employment law against unfair dismissal, the company should not use the results to hire workers with higher satisfaction levels and lay off old employees.


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