Management is an organizational wide continuous problem-solving task that is mainly performed by managers. It is not limited to managers since it can be performed by any person who is in control in any organization. The main goal of management is to help to achieve some specific organizational goals and objectives.

The goals and objectives depends on the specific organization or firm as well as the industry in which the organization is involved in. regardless of the firm, organization or the industry in which the organization is involved the managerial tasks have to be performed. there are four basic or functions that managers are supposed to play. These functions are controlling, planning, motivating and organizing.

In this era of computerization, computer crime is increasing not only by numbers but also in the frequency of its occurrence. Computer crime in any organization like Alltechcomm can be either internal or external. Internal computer crime is the form of computer related crime that involves the company’s employees. On the other side of the story, external computer crime is the form that is initiated or perpetrated by persons outside the firm or the organization. These types of computer crime include the following, discussed below.

Computer as the Target

The kinds of crimes where the computer is the target include various offenses like stealing of intellectual property, marketing information theft (pricing datasets, customer lists, marketing



plans), blackmail as a result of theft of private information from computer files (personal history, medical information, sexual orientation). These types of crimes can also involve sabotage or destruction of intellectual property, pricing, personnel data or destruction of organizations operating systems and or programs with intention of impeding a business or creating chaos in the business’ operations.

A Computer used as Instrument of the Crime

In legal matters instrumentality, is used to refer to the diversion of lawfully possessed items, i.e. an instrument, used to facilitate the process of committing a crime. In this category, the processes that the computer is involved in and not the contents of the computer files, enhance the process of committing the crime.

Computer being Incidental to Other Crimes

Here the computer is not essential in the process of committing the crime, but it is directly related to the criminal activity. What this means is that the presence of the computer or the process of computerization helps in facilitating faster the process of committing the crime.

What are some of the current ways that police and other officials are using to track the criminals and enforce the laws?

Computer crime is becoming more sophisticated by the day. In trying to fight, computer crime police offices and other government officials have come up with new and better ways of dealing with computer crime. Among the main ways that the police are, using to deal with this menace is through ideal prosecution that is meant to deter other potential criminals. In addition, computer crime laws are being amended to make them better every day.



To what kinds of crime could AllTechComm be susceptible?

Alltechcomm could be susceptible to any of the crimes that I have indicated. Depending on the nature of the industry and depending on how employees shift from one organization to another all of these crimes could be possible. In addition to this, the role of hackers should not be overlooked.

What kinds of things should we do to protect ourselves?

There are many ways of protecting organizations from the effects of computer crime. The steps to be undertaken will depend on the money, budget available as well as the size and nature of the firm. Among these means, include administration and organizational security, physical security, personnel security, communications and electronic security, contingency planning and operations security.

It is surprising to note that Criminals have adapted to new advancements of computer technology in order to further their illegal activities. regrettably, their dealings have far out-paced the capability of law enforcement officers to respond effectively. This means that we must develop Protocols for law enforcement actions that will address a variety of categories of computer crime. Even if computer crime investigators have to be re-trained it is okay as long as Investigators know the materials to look for and take hold of, the electronic data to recover, as well as the fetter of custody to keep. Without query, the process of law enforcement must be better equiped and prepared to cope with the many characteristics of computer-related offenses as well as the criminals who involve themselves in thease crimes.

Management Information Systems (MIS) refers to the academic discipline that covers the



application of technologies, people, and procedures for purposes of solving business problems. In any organization, there are usually some major goals that need to be achieved. This is why all organizations or departments work hard to develop current creative solutions in order to spend less money and time on information management. Among the goals, include the reduction of costs, improvement of services, preservation of information, quick adaptability to change, the production of timely reports as well as the integration with legacy systems.

Reduce costs:

The reduction of costs is very important to every organization whether big or small. Cost reduction has become one of the major trends in information management. In order to reduce these costs, high computer support of operations has become very important.

By reducing development costs, small firms are able to free money for other projects and or services. In addition to this, there is the added advantage of increased efficiency due to the use of better applications.

What are some of the cutting edge, or "bleeding edge" technologies that corporations are working with?

Bleeding edge refers to technology that is new (and presumably, not perfected). This means that the user is required to risk reducing the stability and productivity of the firm in order to use it. Bleeding edge also refers to the tendency of latest technologies being extremely expensive.A technology is considered bleeding edge under the following conditions:

If there is Lack of consensus on the way, the market trends are going.



If there is Lack of knowledge, and there is no available literature on the technology that is available.

If there is Industry resistance to change

What does it mean to be an "early adopter" in terms of technology trends?

Early adoption of technological trends refers to the process that involves taking risks of adopting new technologies. Through early adoption, other people are able to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the new technology. It ids highly associated with technological change.

Rewards for successfully adopting early, new technologies can be very great; however, there are losses that are also associated with unsuccessful adoption f the technology.

What kinds of "bleeding edge" technologies could AllTechComm use in its information management systems?

In this state of globalization, the development of information communication technology is happening at a very fast pace.technological progeression in information communication technology has been vey important in helping countries like china, India and Singapore to industrialize. Surprisingly this development has been mainly through private firms. Thus it would be advisable for alltechcomm to adopt some of the following bleeding edge technologies to not only serve the community better but also to assist in over-all organizational cost reduction.



VOIP (voice over internet protocol):

This is one of the latest technologies in the information communications sub-discipline.The voice over internet protocol provides or enables internet users to have voice signals or links over the internet. This service also called IP telephony does enable the routing of voice signals over normal internet connections or any form of internet protocol based network.

Voice Over Internet protocol generally does allow users and most importantly and especially internet users who have under utilized capacities to have voice conversations over the internet at no additional costs. Companies providing VOIP service are commonly referred to as service providers.

There are generally two types of VOIP services: -Direct Inward Dialing (DID) and access numbers. While using DID, the DID connects the caller directly to the Voice Over Internet protocol user, while in the other case, access numbers usually require the caller to input the extension number of the Voice Over Internet protocol user.

MPLS (multi protocol label switching):

This is another bleeding edge technology that alltechcomm could use. Since the firm would like to have a more secure and stable intranet then it would be advisable for the firm to adopt this technology. Multi protocol label switching is a network process that makes it possible to carry data In general telecommunications or computer networks in particular. Multi protocol label switching operates under the open source interface (OSI), and belongs to the packet switched networks family. This layer is believed to exist between the third layer (network layer) and the second layer (data lyre).



What would be the advantages and disadvantages for AllTechComm?

In any firm or industry the need to relate and interact with fellow employees, customers or suppliers is very important. Thus, there is always the need to use telephone lines. Voice over internet protocol allows firms or individuals to make multiple telephone calls using a single physical telephone line connection. In this organization, there is the need to use telephone calls all the time, thus the use of voice over internet is very important es0pecially for the purposes of cost minimization.

In addition to this, voiceover internet protocol contains packages that most telecommunication companies usually charge a higher price for or are generally unavailable from these companies. Since there is always he need for call forwarding, automatic redial, and 3-way calling then there is the need for the use of voice over internet protocol.

Voice over internet can be made secure using the already existing security protocols. This means that there are no additional costs involved with the use of VOIP

Voice over internet connections can be easily integrated with many other services commonly available over internet connections. These services may include files or data exchanges, message transmission or video conversations. These additional services can be achieved as long as the firm is using the voice over internet protocol. In addition to this company, employees can always share files or data whenever there are issues to be addressed.

Multi protocol layer switching is currently being used as a replacement for earlier technologies that were deployed with identical objectives. Due to its easy adaptability with current and future internet technologies multi protocol layer switching is being preferred to other technologies like frame relay. MPLS combines with the signaling protocol and cell switching to over additional support to voice over internet protocol.



Thus, multi protocol layer switching would be very important to the operations of the firm since it is very important especially while deploying large networks. In the case of this firm, multi protocol layer switching would be desirable while deploying a wide area network or a local area network not only for the Australian operations but also for all branches of the company.

Since multi protocol layer, switching allows for the creation of high-speed switches, MPLS has removed the need to use some forms of hardware that were initially required for the sending of huge internet protocol packets.

Within the operations of the firm the use of multi protocol layer switching will also be advantageous since it will offer the firm the ability to sustain multiple service models as well as perform the role of traffic management. In addition to this multi protocol layer, switching also provides an ideal recovery framework that is more advanced than the common protection rings like those of the synchronous optical networks.

What opportunities and risks come with incorporating new approaches into an organization?

In any industry, firm or organization it reaches a point that managers realize that the organizational design and structure are not well composed to help in attaining the firm’s goals and objectives. This realization is not openly visible. This is why managers have to look at various aspects of the organization in order to realize that things are bad. Organizational design refers to the process of structuring a division, department or organization in order to optimize the organizations delivery of goods and or services to customers.

By adopting new approaches, the firm can benefit from reduced production and operational



costs, increased service delivery on top of many other advantages. On the other side, the new approaches may not be in tune with the company’s operations. If this is the case, the results may be very damaging since it might lead to loss of jobs and or customers, increased costs, as well as closure of the firm.


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