Literature Review

Literature review is that part of a text in a paper that aims to review the important points of knowledge on findings of a particular topic. It discusses the critical information of a subject topic from the findings and then compares them with the theories from the sources. Literature reviews are mostly constituted in science reports on experiments done by students in the laboratories but they can as well be found in other social sciences and humanities which are written as literature review papers on certain topics or fields of research as instructed by lecturers or instructors on a specified period of time.

Literature review aims ultimately to bring to update the reader with the current literature and how it can be laid down in a comprehensive style and therefore literature review essays are characterized by logical flow of ideas, proper use of terminologies and it has up to date references with appropriate referencing style of the references for example the APA citation literature review should give brief citations of the sources inside the text which are to be given in details in the reference page.

Every research paper must have literature review as one of its parts in order to analyze arguments and ideas made by others from various sources without adding any new own contribution. The literature review interprets information by combining old and new ideas from the sources and then tracing the intellectual progression of these sources in a certain area or field of research and this helps the reader to understand clearly the points that have been demonstrated and elaborated by the literature review writer in the literature paper. Therefore any literature review writer must have a comprehensive knowledge in writing a literature review dissertation so that he may give a simple summary of the sources in an organizational pattern after providing backgrounds of findings of the research papers.

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