Role of Literature As Businesses Cope With Social Change


Literature can and for that matter should play a very important role as businesses cope with social change. Literature especially on social change is very important in a business as it helps the business to reflect on the way that it was established. Literature has different roles in business and addresses the business in relation to its ways of operation and its relationship with customers and other businesses. Social literature helps a business to understand the changing face of the business in regard to globalization, understand human nature in relation to business, and understand cultural diversity in relation to its operations. This paper will seek to analyze the roles of literature as businesses cope with social changes.

Literature and Elements of Business That Resist Change

Some of the elements that resist change in businesses are personal ethics and private motives. Literature has tried to show the importance of embracing change in all areas of life including businesses. Managers in businesses who are driven by personal ethics are more interested in fulfilling their interests first and addressing the others later. This might bring differences in the views of individual members in the businesses which eventually lead to a downward movement of the entire business and its operations. This is not abnormal in business organizations but according to literature, differences should be endured, accepted, and embraced (Arnold, 2001: p. 13). This way, people with differences will be able to work together and consequently solve their differences. Literature has also tried to show different forms of businesses in the past and talks of future businesses in the genres. Future businesses are perceived to operate in absence of individuals with personal ethics and they are portrayed to be very successful in their operations. In addressing the issue of profit motive, literature views those nations whose interest is always money and money to pose a danger to globalisation. The industries that are created to create goods for customers leads to excessive production of CO2 which can cause global warming. Literature portrays change as an inevitable aspect of a business’ life portraying those who have embraced change as being very successful.

Role of Literature As Businesses Cope With Social Change

Genres for Addressing Change in Workplace

Each genre plays an important role to a business as the business copes with social change. Change in the work place may require acquiring of new employees to help the business to carry out its activities effectively. During the interviews, candidates with the best communication skills are considered more competent than the rest. Writing skills that the new employees may have acquired from their institutions may help bring the required change in the workplace. When individuals join companies for internship purposes, these individuals are expected to learn the skills that are required of them when they will be working later after college. The individual receives some instructions that are supposed to guide them and these very instructions are used to gauge their performance. Using and Reading poems, fictions, and essays within the organization helps the individual focus on the contents of these articles (Kenneth, 2004: p.7). This will help in addressing the change in the work place in that these genres contain some information on other businesses that could have tried their operations earlier. Reading of essays will help the individuals to take the recommendations in the essays and try to see if they are applicable in the business. If they are viable, the business will benefit application can take place any time that the business feels it is worthwhile.


Literature in all its form helps the business a lot in its growth as the business cope with social changes. Social literature helps a business to understand globalization, understand human nature in relation to business, and understand cultural diversity in relation to its operations. Literature also addresses the elements of business that resist change and offers some solutions to these elements. The literature genres that are available help in addressing change in the workplace.


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Role of Literature As Businesses Cope With Social Change

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