Literary Book Review

Students studying literature are from time to time required to write literary book review. A literary book review is a description, analysis and evaluation of the quality, meaning and significance of a literature book. Writing a literary book review is different from writing a book summary. A book review is supposed to bring out the strengths and weaknesses of the book under review. A book review is also different from a book report. While a book report involves only giving factual information about a book, a book review goes further to express the opinion of the writer over the book in question.

There are certain specific information about a book that must not lack in a book review paper. These include: the full bibliographic information of the book (this means the name of the author, the year of publication, the title of the book) the place of publication and the publisher. A good literary book review should also indicate the author’s purpose for writing the book. This may be in the book review’s writer point of view.

The book review writer should attempt to deduce the gist of the book and the theme behind the book. Then the writer should classify the book into the correct genre. While writing a book review, try to determine the audience that the author of the book was targeting while writing that book. You should be able to give reason for your claims. The writer should also be able to figure out the style used by the author. Whether there are mannerisms or symbolism used among other styles of writing.

It would also be appropriate to include how the book has impacted you, whether it has been able to increase your knowledge or not. Then finally you should state whether the author of the book has achieved the goals he/ she intended to achieve while writing the book. For you to write a good book review you must read and understand the book first. Writing a literary book review is sometimes a challenging task to students as it requires great literature skills and considerable amount of time. Most students move up and down looking for a place where they can receive help in writing their book review.

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