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The story of young good man brown is an analogy which its characterisation shows the determination that they have in the display of what they should believe and what they should not. The story can also be depicted as an analogy which representing Christ who is an anti hero.

The story of Brown can be described as a an allegory as there is something physical that is representing the abstract for example when brown cried out that his faith is gone and also when he says that there is nothing good on earth. The story also depicts archetype of an innocent person. This is seen when he cautions hi wife in venturing into the forest.

In the story there is also the show of illusion when the illusion of brown fall after the realisation that most of the members of the society including the religious people attend black masses.

Literary Terms

Conflict is depicted in the story as he is in a conflict with his mind as he tries to reflect whether to join the ranks of the devil or to remain as good as he is. The show of characterisation is shown in the story by depiction of two main characters i.e. faith and Young Gordon brown.

These two characters are also the protagonists in the story.

There is the use of drama in the story the white heron as the writer describes hoe Silvia was climbing the tree. He describes as a dramatic adventure to climb the tree.

Jewwet in the story also create a picture by giving a description of what the tree looked like. The tree becomes a monument. There is also personification of the same tree when the writer describes how the tree receives Sylvia in a way that would make her not be able to reach its top.


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