The war started in 1963 when Grant troops invaded Vicksburg; their first main mission was to construct canals so as to find ways of reaching Vicksburg

. In his dreams and efforts to capture


, Grant started constructing various canals until he reaches the region he wanted to capture such as the Grants canal,


pass and Duck port canal.

Grant management

It was Grant determination that made him to conquer the region even though he encountered difficulties. He used different strategies against his opponents where he would send some of his troops to many directions and then exchange his troops.

Afterwards he decided to distract Pemberton’s interest who wanted the troops to pass through the canal but Grant decided to attack Vicksburg from the northern region by sending troops there to start the attack. His strategy was also position another unit which would attack in the

central region of Vicksburg which would help in achieving.


Later the Pemberton troops were ordered to give way for the Johnston’s forces which was to attack Grant troops. Due to disorganization in this mission they were defeated by the Grant troop. Finally Grant troops achieved victory in the battle for being well organized and skilled, Grant troops positioned themselves strategically and also setting their enemies and taking advantage.


Grants troops succeeded in this battle because they were well organized compared to their enemy who had skill but lacked proper strategies and also they were not well organized. Also Grant who was the leader of all the troops was very experienced and intelligent as a leader and this is why his troops emerged as winners in the battle.