Joan of Arc:

Joan of Arc was a young lady who participated in the hundred years of war between France and England. This essay examines the kind of person she was and the trial she faced.

Joan of Arc was a religious Christian French girl who claimed to receive voices direct from God. When there was a conflict between France and England, Joan of Arc went to the king and sought permission to command a battle against the English saying that God had instructed her to do so, (West, 2001).

She was a brave and determined girl and she managed to convince the king. With her courage, she wrote a letter to the king of England warning him if he did not withdraw his siege to the town of Orleans, she would wage war against them. She maintained that God had given her the authority and if they did not retreat, they would suffer. She did lead a war against the English and won, (Kennedy, 2007).

The English subjected Joan of Arc to a trial for witchcraft. She was tested for her faith and the validity of her claims that God was speaking to her ordering her to wage war against England. She bravely vowed and confessed everything and could not be intimated concerning her faith. Joan of Arc was finally executed in her early 20s.

It is justifiable to consider Joan of Arc as a hero in respect to what she had done. Not many men, leave alone girls, of her age would have approached the king nor compose such a brave letter to king of England. She led to the victory of France against England, something the French had yearned for long without any success. Though she was tried and executed, Joan of Arc left a legacy and peace to her nation.

Joan of Arc


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