[3]  . However the major concern is not the degree of the lawlessness implicated in totalitarian

[2]  presented even silent under the constitution. The constitution implementation could be ineffective

What Was The Root Of Totalitarianism

What Was The Root Of Totalitarianism?


Totalitarianism has been closely associated with terrorism and in fact many people believe that it’s the cause of terrorism. In real since, the experience that a person gets by living under communism is quite tempting since its causes a normal mind to think that the concept is set for revolution.

The Meaning of Totalitarianism

Basically the term is usually used in two contexts which need to be precisely described differently to bring out the understanding very clear. In the context of governance, totalitarianism is a type of governance that is centralized in structure and not constrained or bound by neither law nor self limiting by use of a constitution and hence it lengthens to each quality of social life [1]


As an ideology on the other hand, totalitarianism is a classification of concepts and precepts that justify and normalize the totalitarian type of governance and in most cases represents it as a rule of justice and at times as the only lasting solution to social problems.

Bearing in mind the definition given above, then totalitarian government become an issue of degree. Governments may at times be restrained by law, even when they can override the law in some instance. It could be

hence causing it to be powerless

ideology but the total absence of any authoritative restriction like a constitution and the supposition that it would affect every aspect of the society however petty it is the government would want to control it



What Was The Root Of Totalitarianism


Bolshevik grew out Marxism and indicated suppression of opposition to the party and resulted to suppression of opposition. This is because the Bolsheviks believed that they had grasp of all the history process. And this is what cane to be identified as the root of totalitarianism contrary to the social pluralism which refuted that governance would be reduced into one system affecting every element of social life. Nazism and fascism have been strongly regarded as root cause of

totalitarianism in that at its mention one would immediately think of Germany.

What Was The Root Of Totalitarianism


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