The Role Of Religion In The Modern World

One of the most discussed questions today is on whether religion is necessary or not. This question may seem to have a straight answer but in all probability it is not an easy one to answer. Throughout the world, people have different conceptions concerning religion and hence the role of religion is as varied as those conceptions. However, it is quite clear that without religion as we know it today, the world could have been a worse place. With that in mind, religion does not only govern our relationship with each other but it also sets some rules and guidelines which every member of the society is supposed to observe. It hence fosters as well as enhances the peaceful co-existence among individuals.

It is however important to note hat to fully understand the role of religion, a sound understanding of religion itself is called for. Many scholars are in agreement that religion brings about awareness in an individuals life. With that in mind, it is hence clear that religion is a transformative subject. Indeed, it leads all believers into an enlightment where they get to know who God really is and what his purpose for his creation really is. It hence aligns the mission of god with our own mission and hence God’s mission, will and power is transformed through religion.

Religion also helps to establish cohesion at the societal level. Through biblical teachings, individuals get lessons on how to relate with each other as well as how to care and react to each others needs. Another issue that comes up while addressing the role of religion in the modern society is whether it is a personal or public undertaking. These are indeed some of the main questions that keep coming up as far as religion papers are concerned.

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