Religion and Healing:

There are various cases that religious believes are said to yield healing, this include physical healing and also spiritual healing, we can however rely on the religious books example the Bible and the Quran to check cases of healing. In the New Testament, Jesus the son of God performed many healing miracles; above all he also taught his apostles and gave them the power to heal. In The Muslim Religion Sunni and Shia received tremendous healing which were credited to Prophet Mohamed.

Religion states that for one to receive healing one must believe, in this case believe is a state of mind that one accept that something that seems impossible can happen through hope and faith. Science offers law of nature whereby healing is a process that takes time and at the same time may requires medication.

To religion the case is different whereby only faith is required to receive healing, therefore faith is a state of mind of an individual whereby the individual must accept that he or she will receive healing and also believe that he or she will receive healing.

Today many religious leaders have used the process of religious healing to increase followers, this is because people believe that those who heal are anointed by God to do so, this has resulted to false confession about healing, example Gilbert Deya of Deya ministries who resides in The United Kingdom, though he had maintained that the miracle babies were indeed a reality ,medical tests showed that indeed the women who were said to have given birth more than twice a year were lying to the masses one of them being his Wife.

Religion And Healing

For this reason therefore religious healing is a concept that requires a certain state of mind to receive, however no one defines the level of faith and believe that one requires receiving healing.


The Quran

The Bible