Waiting for Godot


This is the story that is based on the lives of two men namely Vladimir and Estragon who waits for Godot to come but unfortunately He doesn’t come. They rely believe in Godot for they believe He is there and that is the reason why they keep waiting for Him until He comes. But they wait for a certain time till they are tired and they start arguing themselves that if He comes or if He doesn’t they would not reorganize Him in any way. Will Godot come, they are very sure He will come even if it is not today.


According to Beckett, the writer the main idea was to show that people truly believe in God and that is the main reason why he brought the theme of religion. Vladimir and Estragon believed in God for they kept on waiting for Him till the last day. They believed that He is the only one who can provide, guide and save them and the rest of the world When they could realize that they had committed a certain kind of mistake they would promptly repent and seek forgiveness from the Most High.

See in their discussions about the two thieves who were crucified along side with Jesus that only one of them was saved. When they compare themselves with the thieve they start looking like they will cry because of the sins they have committed before Godot. They start advising one another on the need to repent for if they do so they would automatically go heaven. Estragon is optimistic that Godot is still going to come despite His long time delayed, but on the other side V ladimir

loses hope but he still believes He will come but not particular day.

Waiting for Godot

The theme of religion brings in some other minor themes such as the need for reconciliation. It comes at a time when hostility between the two characters emerges as they start abusing one other like in the case where Vladimir calls Estragon a pig. Estragon reacts vigorously to this but not for a long time as they now see there no need for hatred instead they dialogue and promise one another need for forgiveness. They believe that forgiving one another they will on the other side be forgiven by Godot and therefore their promise will be fulfilled when Godot finally comes. To some extent they even call themselves brothers and rectify one mistake when one sins. They even also help one another like in the case when they tries to commit suicide when

Estragon’s rope breaks                                                                                      Vladimir show him.

Theme of love which comes be expressed into two that one of friendship between Vladimir and

Estragon and the love of agape between the two main characters and Godot. Friendship

emerges from the beginning of the play for they live together happily and when one of them is in

difficult situations he is definitely going to be helped by the other, see the situation when

Estragon is hungry,


stands for him by giving him a carrot. Their love for Godot is expressed in various ways, first they believes in Him for they keep on waiting for Him and they are not tired for doing so. Secondly, when they commit a sin they repent and call for forgiveness and they are very sure Godot will do so.

Therefore the writer wanted to demonstrate to people that God exist and we should keep waiting for Him as Vladimir and Estragon kept on waiting for Godot. They kept on waiting but sometimes they lose hope especially when the massager kept on telling them to wait till tomorrow but it never happened. They would get discouraged for that particular day but in the next day they would still wait. Therefore we should first call for repentance from God and strongly believe in Him, we should keep on and on waiting for Him for no one here on earth knows the specific day of His coming.

The massager who kept on informing Vladimir and Estragon about the coming of Godot can be compared to those people who are inspired by God and keep on telling us to wait. The way of waiting for Him is by getting saved and strongly believing in Him but all these can be achieved

Waiting for Godot

by seeking forgiveness and also forgiving those who wrong us. Therefore we should never ever give up in waiting for the Savior but as we compare to the two characters instead of still waiting we should look for other alternatives but not just waiting there. This is the main theme of the writer as a warning to those who just keep on waiting and furthermore specifying the day, but instead they should look for other alternatives to keep them busy.


The play constitute of the two fool characters who kept on waiting for Godot who doesn’t to come at that particular day that they had been told. The message kept on telling them to wait till tomorrow but his tomorrow doesn’t seem to reach. These two fools are on the other way accompanied by Pozzo and Lucky, Pozzo is a very reach man for he has slaves one of them being Lucky. Furthermore, he goes to an extent of offering money to Vladimir and Estragon but Vladimir

strongly refuses to take the money and says that they are not beggars.

The writer wanted to symbolize the two fools and compare them to those people of the present world who keep on waiting for something that will never happen. They try to perform and try to demonstrate some things that can’t happen. These kinds of behavior apply to those who try to trick people that they can perform some miracles but their intension is to get some money.

Therefore we should use and apply other alternatives which are beneficial and are not corrupt instead of believing in the things that can not happen.


The play of Waiting for Godot involves the two fool characters Vladimir and Estragon who keeps on waiting for Godot to come but He does not make to come. They keep on being told to wait that He will come tomorrow but he does not make to come. The writer uses these two characters to demonstrate to those who keep on waiting for something that they are being cheated of that will happen on a specific day. Therefore we should be sure of what we are

Waiting for Godot

waiting for at that particular time but not imagining the things that will never happen.