First Grand Dragon


The first Grand Dragon was started in the mid 18th century, it was started by an army with the main aim of restoring and maintaining white dominance and superiority in the southern region of

the United States of America after a long period of inter conflicts among the races. The organization Klan was involved in many battles with the government troops, however after a period of fifteen years it surrendered to the government.

Role played by Forrest

Forrest was a slave trader and due to his experience he was endorsed by some of the Klan veterans to be their leader. Due to his superiority he authorized his troops to kill the blacks and the whites who were loyal to the republicans. he also popularized the organization to almost every state of the US where each state had at least five representatives.


Forrest had implemented some acts which would be followed by the members, he faced opposition and some members withdrew from the organization, this started to weaken the organization. As the Klan weakned it was easier for the republicans to attack due to help from the anti clan members.

First Grand Dragon

After the victory of the Republican Party in the general elections some of the senior members of the Klan faced the law due to their inhuman acts.

The prior members of the organization who had been appointed to be leaders of their states decided to turn against the Forrest acts thus withdrawing from the Klan, This resulted to Forrest resignation as the organization premier, he was prosecuted for his illegal inhuman acts and was not able to associate himself with the organization due increased lack of support.


First Grand Dragon was the first Klan to be founded with all its members having gained enough experience to deal with any kind of problems. The organization was further affected by the involvement of Forrest who brought in changes and developments in the Klan, however some inhuman acts which saw innocent citizens massacred especially the blacks and whites brought about increased disintegration in the organization.


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