A Book review on Gonzalez L. Justo, The Story of Christianity

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Christianity has grown through the centuries. Its believed that the diverse views of Jesus Christ did not cause panic among the Christians of the first two centuries because most people took the teachings as just rumour or fallacies that did not have meaning in their lives. (Mark 2006).

If today am put on trial for being a Christian or a catholic I do not feel that there would be enough evidence for me to be convicted. This is because most of the teachings that the Christian belief have been proved right by many experiences. Most of the doctrines of Christianity have become the foundation of many countries laws. (Mark 2006). Christian doctrines have been able to pass the test of time while most of other doctrines that were held when there were mass Christian persecutions have failed the test of time. On the other hand there may be some evidence that can be brought forward in the conviction. For example Christianity has failed to give a proof of certainty that Jesus was born through the Holy Spirit. There has been no evidence either scientifically that it is possible for a person to conceive through the holy spirit.Chriatianity has also failed to give a good evidence that Jesus rose and that he is living in heaven with God.

If one of the apostles would today enter the church he would be well shocked by the kind of gospel that is preached in churches these days. He would be surprised to find that people have diverted from preaching the gospel of love to gospel of prosperity and money. This is because the true gospel that Jesus told the apostles to go and spread to the whole world is just simple


gospel that of love your neighbours as you love yourself. They might be pleased by the crowds that they might come across in the congregations because people really go to fill the churches now days to be played so that they may prosper materially.


Mark, H. (2006). Early Christianity, Routledge publishers.