James Longstreet


James Longstreet was born in the southern state of Carolina USA , he is well known for his

engagements in many war both in




. He fought his first war in




but during their military operations he wan injured and this made him to be promoted.


Due to his experience and intelligence he was appointed as the major of troop units, he was selected to lead the seven oak where he came to relate closely with Lee. They were sent in various fields to fight against the enemy but in some situation they were defeated due to disagreements. In other regions they could emerge victorious but the worst came when Longstreet disagreed with Lee and this led to their defeat in the Gettysburg battle.

Longstreet claimed he would like to be part of the republican and this isolated him from his colleagues, He emphasize the need for the southerners to accept that they had been defeated in war, he urged them to involve themselves in the process of healing the country after a long period of civil wars, however these remarks to the southerners made him to loose publicity.

James Longstreet

Timelines of events

He was appointed to serve in various federal posts including that one of being appointed as the

surveyor of customs in the southern state of New

Orleans. He was also appointed as the

minister and the

US marshal to Geor


till his death in the early nineteen hundreds.


James Longstreet is well known for his many battles in the United States of America, he served in almost every battle during the long American civil wars between 1860 to 1867, However the the Gettysburg made him to loose his reputation due to their public disagreements with Lee and hence they were defeated. Also he received various criticisms after he emphasized the need to be a republican and the need for the southerners to accept defeat.